Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A New Tattoo

Hello everyone happy hump day! 
Look what I had done yesterday, another addition to my ever growing collection of tattoos. I love my new message in a bottle so cute. My good friend Ben did this for me you can check out some more of his work here

After having this done yesterday afternoon I trained some clients. I was more then ready to have dinner when the time came too,having tattoos takes it out of you! 

Dinner was the perfect protein packed plate of food I needed, chicken with salad and steamed sweet pots yum!

I had the WORST nights sleep last night which has had me feeling off all day, I couldn't even muster the energy to exercise and thats saying something! I trained a client at 6am then came home and had a big bowl of green smoothie goodness this had water, chocolate whey protein, spinach, 1/2 avocado and 1 small banana whizzed up and topped with almonds and coconut : )

I met an old friend and my sister for coffee in a local cafe, wow it was steaming hot today wasn't it!? I can only hope there is some nice weather shared across next weekend for Glastonbury! We had a good chat then looked round the charity shops before heading back home.

I had lots of clients papers and bits to organise which is a much bigger job then I first thought so this will need to be continued it kept me busy until my next clients anyway! I also enjoyed this yummy juice this afternoon it was a jumble of stuff that tasted like heaven in a glass, love me some fresh juice! 

I am just waiting for Dale to get back then its dinner time, yay! Have a lovely evening guys and I may well see you tomorrow x x


How did you spend the hottest day of the year so far?


  1. Your tattoo looks great. Does it have a special meaning?

    1. Thank you! No I just saw it, loved it and wanted it! ha

  2. I went on a run that ended up being over 5 miles- was very red faced when I got home!

    1. Go you, love it when your running an its so good you don't even realise how far or how long you've been!

  3. Love the tattoo, gorgeous! I was so hot yesterday not that I'm complaining!