Monday, 20 May 2013

Savoury Food and Skype Training

I have had a pretty fabulous start to my week, most people dread Mondays but I am not one of them, well definitely not today anyway. Before I tell you all about it though I will tell you all about my lazy Sunday......

Not so lazy I didn't exercise! I got up around 9 (can you believe it!) had my hot water and lemon followed by a yummy coffee then got to burning some calories. I did one of my own workouts which was great and a total sweat fest, great way to start the day. 

Then I got ready for the day, I noticed how long my hair is getting. I had to have lots cut off since going blonde but its on its way to being long again : )

Best meal of the day yesterday was this yummy bowl of colour. Courgette and carrot ribbons in a red nut pesto topped with leftover turmeric and garlic chicken, delicious! 

Now to tell you about my great start to the week. It all started early with my 6.15am fitness class in the park. I had a new face turn up this week too which was great : )

When I got home and freshened up I sat down and enjoyed some egg and veggie scramble topped with 1/2 avocado.

Mid morning I was off to a clients house then back to enjoy lunch

Homemade soup with carrot sticks and lemony tuna. So good I am having it for dinner too! 

I trained another client this afternoon then I did my first Skype training session!!!!! Well I couldn't have asked for it to go any better, I trained one of my clients that lives in Brighton and she loved it. Its so perfect but really only for those that have some exercise knowledge. I will be doing a few more trials getting feedback then I will be working out the sign up details! I'm really excited to start this new way of training : )

Dinner is almost ready so I best say goodbye, I hope the start of your week has been as good as mine!


What do you think of Skype training, would it be something you could see yourself doing?

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  1. Glad your Skype training session went well, such a great idea. Maybe you should do YouTube vid too?