Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Clients Rock!

Hi everyone, I hope you've had a good start to your bank holiday weekend?
I have had the best start ever, today was stats day for my new clients and they have all lost pounds and inches plus their fitness levels have gone sky high which is just amazing! Days like these make what I do all the more worth it, so rewarding : )

To say I have been busy is an understatement, I've been training clients, applying for jobs going to job interviews and doing lots for my blog. Which is why I have had some guest posts popping up, you'll be getting another tomorrow as I am off out for the day more on that later. For now I have a stream of photos for you to share what has been passing my lips and tantalising my tastebuds......

Mushroom omelettes filled with goats cheese with salad

Smoothies with toasted toppings

Coffee with friends

I haven't been eating Sid but I have been loving my cat cuddles from this big pawed cutie!

Goats yogurt with pale granola

Homemade soup with rice cakes and butter

Spiced chicken with garlicky broccoli and grated veg

Veggie scramble with avocado and cucumber

I bought this very cool cup with a screw top, I have wanted one for ages and found this for £3.99 in TK Max bargain! 

Rice cakes topped with boiled eggs and a side of mushrooms

Chobani plain yogurt with carob powder and 2 drops of stevia

Tuna and veggie scramble topped with avocado

And lastly instant chocolate and coconut rice pudding with goats yogurt! The recipe will be going soon for this on my Dream Team page over at Rice Dream : )

Lots of yumminess as you can see, its been a pleasure eating it all! 

So as I mentioned I'm off out for the day tomorrow, me and my sister Jes are going to the Brighton Foodie Festival in the day then in the evening we have a girlie night planned which means a few drinks will be going down the hatch! I'll be up early and out all day which is why there is another guest post coming your way and its not something I would generally talk about so I hope you enjoy the read and have some opinions you can throw at it! 

Have a fab Sunday, I hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are x x


What makes your job rewarding?

My clients today have rocked my world!


  1. such lovely food to eat. I think I will try eat more colourful meal after bank holiday Monday :D.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Tam, loving your posts but am intrigued as coming from Spain and reading all your lovely recipes I am surprised you do not feature more fish recipes, is this just because you do not like it? It is such a healthy food but perhaps it is expensive in the UK?

    1. I love fish but usually eat tuna and mackerel for snacks which i don't post. I eat salmon occasionally but not enough! I should eat way more then I do but yes I find it quite expensive where as my boyfriends step dad is a butcher so we get chicken cheap!