Monday, 27 May 2013

May Reviews: Hotel Chocolat, we are tea, Chobani and OXO!!!

Well its that time again for my monthly review post and I have some fabulous products to share with you this month. I have lots of companies contact me to do reviews but I only say yes to things I am pretty sure you guys will like and want to try yourselves and I'm not gonna lie all of these are worthy of your pennies so lets have a look shall we.........

I was contacted to review some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and as you all know I love chocolate so I said a big yes to this offer! I chose the Dark Selection to try out. I like the fact that the chocolates are made with more chocolate then sugar and ethically sourced.

The packaging of these chocolates is really nice too and looks really stylish, great for a gift to someone or yourself of course! 

There was a mix of chocolates in the box I received including caramels, liquors and pralines oh and marzipan and pistachio were my favourites! There was a chilli chocolate square which was also very yummy! Each chocolate had a pretty design which made them even more fun to eat : )
The only type I wasn't keen on was the liquor ones but I don't like any liquor chocolates. 

I would say these are the perfect gift for a special someone, you can't go wrong with chocolates and these come in such nice packaging, perfect. I have been in a Hotel Chocolat shop before and am overwhelmed by the choice I have always wanted one of those slabs of chocolate......maybe thats next on my list! So I guess what I'm saying is if you haven't tried these chocolates before I think it might be time to indulge : )

Next up I have this delicious tea to tell you about. I had not heard of we are tea before I was contacted to try some and like chocolate I love herb and fruit teas so I had to try these! I was sent a small selection including mints, berry, green and black teas. Not gonna lie they are all really nice I think the super berry was my favourite so flavoursome and perfect for a cold rainy day.

I like the fact that we are tea are an independent tea company makes me want to buy there tea more. You can tell that some real love goes into these products, from the unique packaging to the unique taste of the teas a big thumbs up all round. Since being sent these samples I have started to notice the packets on the shelf when I am shopping and will be investing in some of the super berry for sure. It needs to be added to my vast tea collection! If you like fruit or herb teas you have got to try these and I promise you wont be disappointed : )

I have reviewed the yummy chobani yogurts before which you can read about here. I really liked the ones I was sent before so said yes to trying this new flavour. Plus when I received the mail I had decided to try out some dairy, perfect timing! 

Both me and Dale really liked the raspberry yogurt it was really creamy and delicious.

The plain was great too I ate it straight up on its own or mixed with carob and a little stevia which was also super yum and a perfect pudding. I don't generally buy yogurt but if I fancied some I would definitely buy these again. If you do buy then gives these a try I'm pretty sure you'll love them! 

I have been wanting a salad spinner for ages but its one of those things I don't desperately need so I never go on a mission to find one. This is why I said a big yes to review this beauty. I love OXO products and have bought/reviewed some other bits in the past so I was excited to review the salad spinner! 

The design is really great, it looks stylish and is nice and easy to use. Once you have washed your salad leaves in the basket you pop the lid on and spin away! It has a non slip ring on the bottom which is handy and is BPA free so a big thumbs up. 

It does its job of drying leaves perfectly, I am really happy with this spinner and definitely recommend it if your in the market for buying a new one, you can't go wrong here. It looks great in the kitchen too! 

As I said all of these products are worth buying and you wont regret investing be it for yourself or for gifts. I have found each review pretty easy as I loved all of these products and am pleased with each one. I hope you have enjoyed reading through and will give some thought to trying these for yourself.


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?


  1. I love hotel chocolat- they are often my chosen chocolate brand to treat myself with- although I tried a chilli caramel and was not a fan- why ruin perfectly good chocolate and caramel with chilli?

    1. I never really buy them but I am definitely converted!

  2. So pleased to hear you enjoyed our new Raspberry and big pot Plain, Tamzin! Dale is very lucky you shared :)

  3. Those chocolates look gorgeous! They do make the best luxury chocolate.