Saturday, 11 May 2013

Guest Post: Is Eating Healthy Possible with Catered Food Buffets?

As a rugby player I am naturally prone to gorge myself with anything in reach. This makes caterers such as Cater Hire Ipswich little finger food buffets supplied by a dangerous territory for me, especially when there is a lot in reach and no queue to speak of! However as I am meant to stay on top of my game all season round, I have had to make a system to stop this constant massacre of the finger food table. This system has three simple rules.


Rule one:

While this is a strange one to say don't constantly pick at the food, if you are going to have food take a plate and go mad. However with the plates in general being made of paper this will limit the quantity of food . Although saying this if you are shuffling carefully while using both hands to carry the plate to stop the food spilling over, you probably need to put some food back. The idea of just just having one plate is that you are fully aware of how much food you have consumed. When we pick we have a natural ability to take and take without keeping a note of what we have met which can be pretty dangerous especially when deserts have been served up. This is not to say that you can't have a second plate because as long as you follow rule two it should not be to detrimental on your figure.

Rule two:

The second rule is stay away from those carbs. While I appreciate not having a carb or two is nearly impossible when you only have a limited selection of food in front of you. Just be sensible, I tend to limit myself to one sandwich and make sure it is wholegrain. This means stepping away from those pizza slices and quiche while shunning the sausage roles.

Rule three:

The final and penultimate rule to my buffet eating system is your plate layout. I tend to have three quarters of the plate dedicated to a variety of vegetables. In general to be honest at most finger food buffets this is carrots, cucumbers peppers and salads. The last quarter of the plate should be dedicated to your protein content. This healthy balance of protein and veg allows you to have that energy to dance/ socialise through the night while staying healthy.

While these rules can sound pretty extreme of course they can be bent to your needs and everything comes with a pinch of salt. If you do want to have some coleslaw/ potato salad of course have it but moderation is essential.


What do you do when presented with buffet style eating?

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