Friday, 3 May 2013

Guest Post: Stay Fit This Summer

With life seeming ever more hectic and stressful, it can be hard to set aside the time to get fit. However, getting fit doesn’t mean dedicating hours of precious time in the gym, as there are many fun ways to get some exercise this summer. Here’s my top five guide to a fun, healthier lifestyle.

Take a walk
This is possibly the easiest way you can build some exercise into your day and there are many ways you can do this. Take your dog for an extra long walk which will benefit you both. If you don’t have a dog of your own, find a friend that does and tag along - not only will you be exercising but you can also take the time to socialize and catch up, which is another area of life people often struggle to find time for. Take a trip into your local city and explore the sites by taking a walking guide. If you travel up to London, walk between destinations in the city rather than jumping on the tube. Alternatively head off to the countryside or the beach to take a walk amongst nature’s finest landscapes.

Strictly go dancing
Since Strictly Come Dancing waltzed back onto our screens, interest and attendance of dance classes has gone through the roof so why not join the hordes of dancers to see what all the fuss is about. With a wide range of styles available, you’ll be able to set your level of both experience and pace by choosing a more relaxed ballroom class or a fast paced Latin class if you’re feeling energetic. Not only is it a great way to get the heart pumping but also it’s also great fun and a good way to meet new people, from all ages and walks of life.

Join a team
Club together a group of friends and make up a sports team. I always enjoyed team games as a child and I’m sure many of us were in some sort of sports team when we were younger so why not invoke the childhood fun as an adult. Take your pick from becoming a 5 a side football team or netball team and play against each other at your local leisure centre or specialist sports centre. You may even enjoy it that much that you decide to take things a little more competitively by joining a local league.

Dive in
Most leisure centres come complete with a swimming pool so it’s always good to take advantage of the facilities available. The summer also brings the opportunity to enjoy some wild swimming. The seas are usually at a warmer temperature through the summer and are wonderfully clean, providing the perfect place to enjoy the waters and swim the seas. If you’re in the capital, you can also swim in the Serpentine Lido from June onwards.

Bend over backwards
Stretch yourself this summer by trying your hand at some Yoga. Not only a good way to keep fit but also great for the mind, body and soul. The best place to enjoy Yoga is in the great outdoors and there are many schemes available where you can take a class in your local park. In London, the Royal Parks teamed up with Yeotown to host yoga classes in the beautiful green spaces in the capital providing a great scenery as a backdrop for your quest for fitness.


How do you plan to stay fit this summer?

I'm loving my park fitness sessions in the park, being out in the fresh air nice and early is a great start to the day!


  1. I love being outside, so running outside at this time of year is wonderful- I love the group runs that I do.

  2. Me too, the birds singing, the cold icy wind off the river, against the sweet hotness of the Spring sunshine nothing compares xx
    Have a nice Bank Holidayx