Friday, 24 May 2013

Guest Post: The Little Cupcake Company

The History of a Cupcake

Cupcakes are one of the biggest selling treats of the 21st century with companies springing up left right and centre coming up with new ideas for the perfect cupcake. Easy to eat, quick to bake, delicious and also extremely attractive there are many great aspects of a cupcake.

Many world records, such as the world largest cupcake and the most cupcakes eaten during 30 seconds, now exist. The answers of which are an 87 and a half stone cupcake and 29 cupcakes eaten in 30 seconds. But where did the idea come from? When exactly did someone think to make the mini cake we have now grown to love?

Where it all started...

The cupcake was first dreamt up during the 18th Century in the United States of America and was seen as a phenomenon due to its quick baking time. No one is entirely sure exactly where the name 'cupcake' came from but there are a number of different theories as to why they adopted the now well-known name.

One theory is that the treats were originally cooked in cups, another is that the ingredients were measured out by the cup. There are many instances in the early days of them being called 'number' cakes. This is due to the recipe being easy to remember as the ingredients were measured out in cups.

What happened next...

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries there were many variations of the standard cupcake developed as the idea started to attract sweet tooths the world over. During the 1920s, cupcakes started to be available with icing on top in either a vanilla or chocolate flavour, and the iced decoration that we are now accustomed to was introduced.

In the year 1947 Dr. Rice was given the challenge of redesigning the cupcake and produced the shape and style that we see today as it is seen to be more pleasing to the eye.

The Here and Now...

During the 21st century many variations of the cupcake have evolved, including the giant cupcake and even cupcake wedding cakes that are now extremely popular throughout the world. You can make your own giant cupcakes at home with a range of kits that are now on the market. These are extremely popular for children's birthday cakes and the baking itself is also a great activity to keep the kids entertained.

As for cupcake wedding cakes there are so many options to choose from. You may want a regular cake surrounded by an array of small cupcakes for your guests to eat at their leisure, or you may want an oversized cupcake with your figures placed nicely on top. Whatever you choose, this is the new phenomenon when it comes to weddings and the trend is growing rapidly due to the variety that is possible. Each treat can have a guest’s name on, or a symbol associated with the wedding - you can be as creative as you wish.

Cupcakes now make up 9.9% of all cake sales in the U.S.A. and there are even programmes solely dedicated to the baked good. The decoration has also come a long way from a plain cake during the 19th century and, with the techniques available, almost anything can be achieved. The range of designs and also the demand for these miniature delights is growing at a fast pace and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.


This post was written by Amy Bennett avid baker and lover of cupcakes. For all her cupcake deliveries she trusts The Little Cupcake Company to cater for any event or occasion and produce delicious treats.

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