Sunday, 5 May 2013

Guest Post: Health Benefits of Wine

If you flick through the news you can at least see one article on the negative influence alcohol has on our community. However you can always find the defiant and popular winos that defend wine and state drinking wine is good for you. However why is it good for you? In this article I will be looking into the positives of drinking wine, however I do want to state before you get too excited the health benefits are from drinking in moderation, a glass a day rather than a glass an hour!



While this is not a commonly known fact it has been shown that wines boost your bones strength by as much as 20%. While scientist cannot specific explain why this is it has been assumed that wine has a positive influence towards our estragon and hormones which are essential on bone development.

Wine has been publicised to help fight heart disease. Scientist have illustrated that a glass a day has the potential to increase the bloods level of inflammation fighting omega-3 fatty acids. This is terms that me and you can understand means our arteries stay that much healthier and we reduce the chance of heart disease and heart attack.

Ironically a glass of red wine a day can also protect your liver. Individuals who drink a glass of wine a day actually reduce the risk of an unhealthy liver. Reduction of liver disease is actually halved compared to an individual who has never had the pleasure of drinking a glass of wine. You could try and test this theory with other types of alcohol however at institutes such San Diego University they have illustrated that other types of alcohol actually increase the chance of liver disease. So I think it is best to stick to the Vino when looking for health benefits.

To conclude while there are other benefits which have not been covered such as wine reduces the chance of Colon cancer, diminish the chance of heart disease and a reduced risk of diabetes. However I feel one integral and fantastic benefit of drinking is it reduces the chance of brain decline. Getting older is inevitable and personally I want to stay at the top of my game for as long as possible and drinking wine once a day gives me the chance to do this.

As stated wine does have its advantages to ones health however this is in moderation.


Do you drink wine?

For me this was an unusual post as I am not a wine drinker, champagne when there is a celebration has been known to pass my lips or on the very odd occasion I like a white wine spritzer but I am definitely not a 'drink wine with dinner' kind of person.

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  1. Red wine helps to prevent heart health related problem, it prevent from heart attach that is useful. Keep posting