Monday, 6 May 2013

Foodie Festival And A Girls Night Out

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your extra day off (if you have it off!) and the sun is shining for you like it is here. I've had a lovely weekend, obviously Saturday was amazing which you can read about here. Then Sunday was lots of fun too and I'm going to tell you all about it........

I was up quite early to get a workout in before heading to Brighton for the day with my sister Jes.

After a sweaty workout I had breakfast, a yummy savoury mix of chicken, cucumber and avocado. This really set me up for the day and I didn't feel hungry till about 3pm!

Sunday was a red lips kind of day!

When we got to Brighton we strolled round the shops for a bit then made our way to the Foodie Festival! When we got there we were lucky enough to get a seat watching a lovely steam punk lady bake gin cupcakes! Cakes were definitely on the agenda for lots of stalls it seemed.......

Loads of cakes!!!!!!! There were lots of other stalls too with some fab stuff, I was actually very restrained and didn't spend a penny, which is pretty amazing for me! The festival was super busy which was great and the sun was shining down to make the day even better. I wish we would of had more time there but time was ticking and we had to get home to prepare for our girls night out! 

On the way back to the car it was about 3ish and as I said I started to feel a little peckish so we popped into Infinity Foods to grab a snack. This raw brownie was calling my name from the shelf so I had to go with it : )

WOW this was so good the sea salt really brought out the flavour of the raw chocolate I will definitely be having one of these again at some point!

When we got home I had some more chicken for dinner then we got ready to go out first stop my friend Emmali's to hang out with the girls before hitting the town.

Homemade strawberry cocktails were on the menu which slipped down very easily! There was a bunch of us that haven't seen each other or been out together for months so it was really lovely to catch up with everybody : )

We had a great night seeing old friends and having a few drinks. This is why I don't like to go out very often because when you do go out its so much more fun catching up with people.

I'm not going to lie today I woke with a foggy head but an iced coffee soon sorted that out! 

I have a busy week ahead and tomorrow I am meeting a new client so thats very exciting. 
Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday Monday and I shall see ya tomorrow x x


Have you enjoyed your weekend as much as me?


  1. It sounds wonderful!
    I have had a fab weekend too :) I love it when the sun shines!

    1. It really does make all the difference when the sun pops out to say hello!

  2. It sounds like such a fun time! My weekend has been awesome and I've been loving the weather- I hope it lasts!

  3. Oh I'll be after one of those brownies next week they sound amazing!