Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Coffee Love

Since getting a stove top cafetiere it has got me thinking about coffee and how I like my morning ritual cup of the black stuff. I don’t need it desperately I just enjoy that first cup either before or after breakfast, I have my hot water and lemon first of course!

I do find now I am only working for myself that I drink far less then when I was working in the shop or at the warehouse which is why I enjoy the ritual of making it in my stove top cafetiere. I can indulge in a deliciously tasty cuppa and go all out as its only one. I have some of my beautiful Guatemalan ground coffee add a dash of either rice, hemp, oat or almond milk and sometimes even a little maple syrup, sit back and enjoy : )

I drank coffee at the shop out of boredom and it wasn’t great coffee, just instant, and not the good instant! At the warehouse I drank coffee because the coffee machine was a total luxury and the coffee was so good I couldn’t help myself! The warehouse has one of the those Nespresso Magimix coffee machines which I would love to own they literally give you a coffee shop coffee plus you can make frothy milk with it too! The coffee comes in little capsules and has a range of flavors all being really yummy, I will definitely own one of these someday! I am happy with my little cafetiere for now but I am sure I will have to upgrade at some point.

I think I will always be a coffee drinker, tea (breakfast/builders) I can take or leave quite easily but coffee I love. I like to go out for coffee too but there is nothing like brewing one up in the morning at home still in pyjamas and snuggling on the sofa before the day begins : )


Are you a coffee or tea person?

This post was written in partnership with John Lewis


  1. I'm not really a coffee drinker but I love cute kitchen gadgets. Your red cafetiere is lovely.

    1. I love it and it makes my coffee taste way better!

  2. I've only recently started really getting into coffee, but now I'm hooked! I don't think it can quite beat my love for tea though!