Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chicken and Eggs

Hmmmm the grey sky is back then!? 
May is definitely not supposed to be like this, Mr Sunshine needs to start showing his face before we all go insane, right? 

I think the weather being so grey makes me more determined to bring sunshine into my life with the food I eat. I love eating a rainbow of colours especially for breakfast and as you know I am not afraid to eat dinner for the first meal of the day! Two of my favourite breakfast items would have to be chicken and eggs I obviously love the taste of that bird! 

I love eggs any which way, boiled, scrambled, poached or fried they all taste so good and really fill the tummy for the day ahead. I always have some sort of cooked or raw veggie with my eggs too and on the odd occasion I might have them on top of rice cakes with ketchup obviously! 

And then we have the meat, I usually eat chicken breast and its nearly always leftovers from the night/day before. Really easy and super filling another great start to the day! Again this is eaten with some sort of veggies, today I had grated carrots and a little tahini delicious : )

Its not just breakfast I like to be colourful its all my food, it makes me feel better inside and out and I like to eat something thats pretty! 

In other news its been pretty busy this side of the screen as always so I am looking forward to the bank holiday and having an extra day off! 


Do you like chicken or eggs for breakfast or both?!

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  1. I love the idea of chicken for breakfast. A chicken omelette would be fab!