Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Good afternoon, I have some time between clients so thought I'd pop in quickly to say hello!
I hope your all enjoying your short week? 

I have to be honest and say I am fed up with job hunting thats for sure! There is just nothing out there, well there are hundreds of jobs but they are just so odd and you need crazy qualifications for them! I wish I could get enough clients to just be a personal trainer but its not quite there yet! But the slog must continue I wont give up thats for sure, fingers crossed something will come up soon...........

Anyways on a lighter note, I was up early today to train a client and was greeted with the most horrendous rain! What a change in the weather today has seen, not liking it thats for sure! 

When I got back I had breakfast which was grated courgette and sliced mushrooms scrambled with 2 eggs and topped with 1/2 avocado. This was really tasty and really filling. I had to wait a good 2.5hrs before even feeling like I could exercise! I did a strength/cardio circuit at home followed by some 30 day exercise challenges I have decided to do. 

Before I carry on with the rest of the day so far I want to share some kitty love of 3 gorgeous cats I am loving right now............

One of my clients kittens, her blue eyes are just so beautiful! 

Another clients cat, her markings are amazing, she is very old but pretty spritely for her age! 

And of course my adopted baby Sid! Gosh I am in love with this little blighter! He has slept next to be since the day he was brought back : )

Ok enough cat love, the rest of my day so far has had been with clients and eating the above. A delicious lunch of chicken and veggies.

I have another client on their way to me so I should wrap this up really! Have a good rest of the day and I shall hopefully get time to pop in tomorrow x x


Do you have a cat?


  1. I would love a Persian blue cat they are just gorgeous. I can't get over how blue the first cats eyes are.

  2. Oh I would love a cat or a dog, one day!

  3. Yummm everything is better with avocado on top! Those kitties are so cute :)