Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Busy Bee

Hey readers just a quick post today, I have been a busy bee and I must continue being one! 

This morning I literally had to force myself out of bed in time to get to spin which had been cancelled, JOY! This did mean I was up though so I came home and did a workout which was probably far better to be honest! 

I followed my workout with a yummy protein breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggies topped with avocado, perfect! 

Then I was off to meet a new client who is lovely and a bride to be so very excited about helping her to reach her goals.

When I got back to Hastings I had to do some shopping then it was home to bake some chicken!

I baked a big batch of chicken for me and Dale and had a piece for lunch with salad as well as an un-pictured handful of almonds and a slice of courgette bread.

Now I have to get session plans ready for some clients later. I hope your all having a nice Tuesday and the day isn't quite as rushed as mine!


Do you like to cook in batches to save time?

I love to cook up food to last over a few days its so much more convenient and time saving!


  1. I love to cook in batches, although this morning I forgot to get my dinner out of the freezer- only remembered when I got home, so it does have disadvantages too!

    1. Yes that would be annoying!

  2. Cooking in batches is a life saver. I've just started using my slow cooker which means I can cook batches of food with so much ease.

    1. I really need to use my slow cooker more x

  3. I cooked in batches very occasionally, normally mince type meals. now its only me and joint custody it would probably suit me more as I can't expect kiddy to eat spagbol two nights on the trot. Have been saving the purex tokens so I can freeze portions.