Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bank Holiday Catch Up and Yummy Pork Burgers

Another week seems to have slipped through my fingers tips! and we are already at Thursday!? 
Well I've been super busy which would explain my absence, I hope you got a chance to read my review post

I'm guessing you all had a fun bank holiday weekend, I know I did the weather definitely helped : )

I started Sunday with a workout and a smoothie while I waited for Dale to get back from his fishing trip. Then we walked to town for coffee and a mooch round the shops, I got some pretty sandals that I love. On the walk back we popped into a junk shop down the road from our flat and I found the perfect old battered box for our shoes, find! Lunch was eaten then I had to start getting myself and the flat ready for our evening visitors.

I curled my hair for a change for our Sunday night out well most of it was spent in! We were supposed to have a couple of friends round which turned into 10 and a pretty rowdy house party! We had lots of fun and walked into town later to go out for a bit. Me and Dale lasted 5 minutes before walking home again, he had a little too much to drink! 

Monday we got up a little foggy headed and went for breakfast, I didn't eat much my tummy felt rotten!  After breakfast we went to Bexhill to walk round Edgerton Park where they had a pony show : )
We watched the pony's for a bit then walked along to the De La Warr Pavilion and laid in the sun. What a beautiful day, after soaking up some rays it was time to go home and chill for a Monday slouch fest!

Tuesday started with a giant protein smoothie topped with coconut. This was the perfect fuel for a much needed workout. I did some strength followed by a run.

For a late lunch I had a veggie and egg scramble, simple but delicious

And for dinner we had veggies with chicken. I made a quick sauce with coconut milk,  coconut flour, turmeric and garam masala which was surprisingly delicious! 

Yesterday I started the day with eggs and veggies 

Lunch was a tuna salad

Dinner was a new to me meal, pork burgers! Wow these were so good and super filling, really easy to make too. They were just pork mince, ground garlic, herbs, salt and pepper and red onion all mixed up and cooked in coconut oil with mushrooms. We put a dollop of red nut pesto on top, yum!

As you can see I have been eating some yummy food and been having lots of fun, I've been training clients over the past few days and tonight my mum is coming to stay!!!!!!! So excited to see her, last time was Christmas when we went to Ireland. I am looking forward to lots of mummy time over the next few days and my clients 2 months results are this weekend, exciting!

I actually need to get some client stuff together so I will leave you now. Have a fab Thursday! 


What have you been loving on the dinner plate this week?

Pork burgers are a top favourite for me : )


  1. It sounds like you had a great bank holiday weekend. Pork burgers sound great!

  2. Sounds like you have been having a lovely time :)
    I have been loving sweet potatoes this week!

    1. Can't go wrong with a good sweet pot : )

  3. Hope you are having a great time with your Mum!

  4. I love pork burgers, they are great with grated apple, I think I'll be making some this week!