Thursday, 11 April 2013

Toasted Toppings and a Coffee Out

Jeez this week has flown by, can't believe it Thursday all ready! 
First of all sorry for my job hunting rant yesterday its just a really hard at the mo but onwards and upwards I guess! How are you all, looking forward to the weekend? 

Thursday started in a much better way, I got up when Dale went to work and got ready for a gym session. The workout was just what I needed as today I have felt a lot more positive! Still scared for what the future holds but a lot better then yesterday : )

I did a mix of barbell circuits and vipr circuits, total sweat fest and killer just the way I like to start my day. When I got home I had an un-pictured coffee with hemp milk

For breakfast I had some goats yogurt with toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds and coconut. Loving this combo at the mo its so yummy and super filling.  

I applied for more jobs after breakfast then met a friend for coffee in one of my local little cafes. Lovely place with some delicious looking food, I shall have to return for lunch sometime : )

I had a soy latte and we had a good old chat, it was really nice to catch up and get out of the house away from the dreaded job search. 

Back home for lunch I had another veggie and egg scramble topped with avocado, delicious.

This was followed by a cocoa delight nakd bar and an episode of Gossip Girl.

My sister came round a little later for her training session and afterward I took home to her new little house. I stayed there for a bit before coming home again.

I had this crunchy apple for my afternoon snack as well as an un-pictured tahini rice cake sandwich.

I have been returning emails since, my inbox was screaming at me to go through it and I feel a little weight has been lifted. 

Now its time to make dinner so I shall leave you to yours x x


Do you toast your nuts/seeds or prefer them straight up as they come?

I like them either way but at the moment I am having a little love affair with them toasted : )


  1. I have to say the toasted coconut looks good, I love that flavour. I've been enjoyed toasted flaked almonds, toasting does bring out the nuttiness!

    1. It really does being out the flavour!!