Monday, 1 April 2013

tibits at home

Wow its April! 
4th month of the year is upon us which means there are only 2 more till Summer, If we get one this year of course! I have faith we will get a fabulous one, it has to be as I am off to Glastonbury at the end of June and it hasn't rained at any Glastonbury I've been too yet : )

Enough of the small talk I have a fabulous recipe book to share with you today. I love getting sent recipe books to review because it gets me cooking some foods I would never think of. I was sent 
tibits at home, a vegetarian recipe book containing some amazing recipes. The tibits cook book is written by the Frei Brothers who run the tibits restaurant in London, Heddon Street. I am told the Heddon Street restaurant is very good and I hope to get there and try the food at some point.

On Saturday night I had my sister and her hubby round for dinner which was the perfect excuse to get my cooking head on and try out this gorgeous cook book. What I love about it, is the way it is written with the meals in seasons. The meals I chose to cook were from the winter section due to a non existent  spring! I did make a few adjustments to both recipes with some added ingredients too. 
Please excuse the pictures, evening photos with fake light never turn out great!

The first recipe was a warm dal with spinach. The day before I soaked the lentils in apple cider vinegar, thanks for the tip Laura! The dal recipe is really yummy and warming and perfect with the added extras I made, roasted paprika broccoli and tandoori baked tofu. A hit with our guests : )
Plus no crazy tummy after soaking the lentils!

For pudding I made banana crème with vanilla and turmeric. I had to change this a bit because my sisters hubby is vegan and this contained milk and cream. I replaced them with almond milk and coconut whipping cream. Wow these were little pots of heaven! I also topped with some grated chocolate : )

Both of these dishes were delicious and everybody really enjoyed eating them. I am excited to try out the other recipes as they all look so yummy. I would definitely recommend getting yourself a copy of tibits at home vegetarian or not, these recipes are for anyone that loves good food!

On another note I have last weeks exercise to share with you before I leave to sit back and enjoy John Candy in The Great Outdoors, love that film! 

Monday: Insanity
Tuesday: Spin + Insanity
Wednesday: Insanity
Thursday: Insanity
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Insanity
Sunday: Rest

I completed my 1 month of Insanity! This is my week off before month 2 which I will be doing,this week came at the right time though as I have pulled something in my shoulder so need to rest it : (

This post is long enough with out going into April plans so I will leave that till tomorrow. Have a fab bank holiday peeps x x


Have you been to tibits restaurant or tried any recipes from tibits at home?

I'll be trying out the restaurant next time in London for sure!


  1. I love Tibits - definitely need to get my hands on this book, it looks amazing! x

    1. You won't be diappointed!! X

  2. Yummy I love it too, thanks Tam xxx

  3. I love how the recipes have such interesting spices in them...I never thought of tumeric in dessert, but it sounds quite nice actually. Insanity is such a crazy workout, I want to try it so bad. I do P90x. Hope your shoulder gets better :

    Maddi @

    1. I know but turmeric in a pud is actually very good! Thanks for stopping by x

  4. I love the restaurant in London, I bet that cook book is fab!

  5. I love tibits, I might have to get my hands on that recipe book!