Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Weekend

Yay to the sun! I imagine everybody is saying the same thing but I thought I'd say it too, the sun just makes everything seem better. My weekend has been a bit of a high anyway due to my 6 new clients starting, it was so nice to begin their fitness journey. I'm really looking forward to seeing the changes with them : )

Because I had a day full of new clients I didn't get time to come say hi yesterday but I did have an interesting guest post for you. 

My day started with an early morning client, so before she turned up I had a yummy coconut and berry smoothie to start my day. I had clients right up until lunch, my smoothie kept me going perfectly.

Dale got back from fishing at lunch time so we got to sit down together and eat which was nice. We had steamed sweet pot with bacon and courgette plus an egg on the side. I don't use oil with the bacon just cook it in its own fat and add the courgettes to the pan to let them get a yummy
bacon flavour too : )

I had one more client after lunch but before I left I ate one of these. Mine was the cafe mocha and Dales the other. I have actually been sent these to review which will be up soon!

The rest of my Saturday was spent hanging out with Dale at home. We had a yummy chickpea and goats cheese dinner and a little dark chocolate was eaten while watching The it already! 

This morning I had to drive to Brighton to train one of my clients for the last time : (
She is pregnant and needs to save the pennies so after 2 years of training we said goodbye. I will really miss training her but I am very excited for the new life she has ahead. 

Before I left I had another smoothie this time it was blueberry and coconut, yum! 

After training my client and saying our goodbyes I had to go into town and see the guys at the Apple store and grab some other bits.

Lunch time came round and I was still in Brighton so I grabbed a snack to eat before my drive home. I bought an apple and this little yogurt. As I have mentioned cows milk is a big NO NO for me but I am experimenting with goats yogurt and cheese. This yummy yogurt was thick and creamy and had  chestnut cream at the bottom! It tasted so good and no tummy ache, the trial will continue...........

I got home about half 2 and with the sun shining I really wanted to get out in it so I persuaded Dale to come out for an afternoon run, we had a nakd bar for fuel. 

A 35 minute hilly run was great for getting my appetite ready for a late lunch. I had this yummy plate of scrambled eggs, olives, 1/2 avocado, cucumber and pepper. So good! 

I am now enjoying some sofa time before a very busy week with the help of a cup of tea. This lime and mint yogi tea is definitely a favourite of mine its like pudding in a cup : )

I have so much on next week, lots of clients, job searching etc. I also start my new morning class tomorrow, 6.15am in a local park. Fingers crossed the weather stays the same then again come rain or shine I will be there! 

I hope you have had a fab weekend and been having some fun in the sun. 
Until tomorrow x x


What tea are you loving at the moment?


  1. I'm loving different variations of green tea at the moment, my favorite being Jasmine green tea.

    1. I definitely go through phases with green tea x

  2. That tea sounds lovely- at the moment I am loving plain peppermint, or earl grey.

    1. I love peppermint tea but I've never seemed to get on with Earl Grey x

  3. I always love green tea but I'm having a rooibos phase at the moment! Hope you class went well!

    1. Yum I love rooibos! Thank you it was great! X

  4. My favourite tea at the moment is one called Skinny Minny by Bluebird Tea Co. - it's got ginseng, orange, ginger, fennel and heaps of other stuff in it, so refreshing. I might go and make a pot of it now....

    1. Oooo that sounds lovely! Enjoy x