Monday, 15 April 2013

The Green Kitchen

Hey Monday readers, how we doing, nice weekend?
Mine as you know was pretty tiring but it ended in a very tasty way thank to a new to me recipe from one of the best cookery books I have come across in a long time! When I was asked to review The Green Kitchen cookery book I said yes but didn't know much about it. I took a look at the website and thought it look pretty good so why not? 

When my book arrived in the post I was more then happy, the way this book feels on the hands is a joy and the recipes are too good to be true! This isn't just a recipe book either its a little taste of David and Luise's life that they let you into. You can really tell how much love has gone into every part which is why choosing a recipe was pretty tough. Believe me when I say each and every one of the meals in The Green Kitchen needs to be tried and I plan on doing just that! 

All the recipes are vegetarian and give good alternatives if you have allergies to wheat for example.

So I had to choose one and I settled on the cauliflower pizza base. I have wanted to make a pizza base from cauliflower for ages and the recipe for it was so simple it had to be done!

I didn't stick to a vegetarian topping for the pizza as we had some bacon that needed to be used up and teamed with olives, mushrooms and feta this topping was damn fine! It was also a hit with Dale, this was the first time we have eaten "pizza" since being together because I can't eat the dough but now we can, perfect! 

The recipe for the base is great, quick and easy to make and tastes so yummy. It really holds firm too which is what you want from a pizza base, right? There was also a crust which again is what pizza is all about : )

I can't recommend you investing in this cookery book enough. If you are vegetarian or a meat eater you wont be disappointed it really has something for all and as I said the feel of this book is just pure quality. You can get loads of great recipes from the Green Kitchen Stories Blog, find them on twitter and facbook. To get the cauliflower pizza base recipe and loads more that aren't featured on the blog buy the book, you MUST! 


Have you got this book/heard of it?

Basically you need this!


  1. I've been wanting to experiment with a cauliflower base for awhile, this one looks great!

  2. This book sounds ace! I've never tried a cauliflower base but think I have to change that soon!

  3. This book looks ace! I've never tried a cauliflower base before but think I have to change that sharpish!

  4. This book sounds ace! I've never tried a cauliflower base but think I have to change that soon!