Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Smoothie, Sunshine, Casual Clothes and Tabata Training

Yay the sun came out again which means this going to be a glorious Sunday : )
I was hoping for a lay in but no I woke up at 7.30 so I got up and had a hot water and lemon, coffee and hemp milk and.......

Yep a smoothie! This was perfect fuel for my shoulder Tabata session (explained below). Whole session took 16 minutes which was great but still a killer!

After my shower I covered my shoulders in tiger balm before dressing to sooth them which has totally worked. I swear by tiger balm its one product I couldn't live without! I threw on some very comfy casual clothes and went for a walk down to the local shops.

Look at the blossom tree I saw on my way down the road, I love blossom it always makes me smile, when I have my own garden a blossom tree is going to be a must : )

I picked up some coffee from the local health food shop which sounds very tasty. I will be making some for me and Dale in this new stove top espresso maker I have been sent to review!

There is also an afternoon walk planned and a big bag of chips at the end of the day!

Before I go I want to give a quick run through of what Tabata training is:

Tabata is a very easy training system that uses high intensity exercise training to improve fitness quickly. A workout can be complete in 4 minutes if thats all you want to do for the day. For example you chose one exercise like a squat and do as many as you can for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds you do this for 4 minutes which is 8 intervals session done!

I have been following a Tabata guide I found on Instagram but throwing some of my own stuff in too. I do 5 exercises each one has its own Tabata round so I work out for 20 minutes total. I have been doing this for 6 days tomorrow I am off then restart on Tuesday but I will be doing 2 rounds of each exercise so 40 minutes exercise. Doesn't sound like much but believe me its very hard! 

I wanted to do this to help get my strength/cardio improved because I only managed the first Insanity session from month 2 and it was just too hard. I am not strong enough to do the workouts. I am using this training to get me their : )

Right no more exercise talk time to enjoy the rest of the weekend x x


Have you ever practiced Tabata training?

It can be brutal but I am loving it!


  1. I've heard of tabata and though it sounded great, I'd love to try that when I want to improve my fitness in the future! I saw a cherry blossom tree today as well, love them!

    1. Definitely my favourite blossom, have a fab day x

  2. I have heard of it but for some reason I thought it was like a martial art or something? It sounds good but tough- my legs have not quite recovered from all the lunges at body pump from Thursday!

    1. I know the feeling each session has given me serious DOMS!!

  3. I love stopping by to read your fabulous blog :) It is so natural and so you, thank you for sharing your recipes, days and life in general, I find it uplifting. Laura

    1. Awwwwww thank you Laura I am so glad you like to pp by, I love hearing from you it makes it all worth while when I receive such lovely comments : )