Saturday, 20 April 2013

Loving Clients, Blonde Hair, Exercise and Coconut!

Hey everybody who's loving their Saturday? 
Let me tell you I sure am, its been such a good day! The sun has been shining, all my clients today have given me amazing feedback and I had a great exercise session as well as some delicious food : )

For some reason the past few days I have found getting up so hard and feel like I could sleep forever! Because of this I had limited time before my first client turning up. I had some hot water and lemon followed by a coffee with hemp milk then it was clients, clients, clients! As I said the feedback today was great and it really made my day : )

I didn't eat till I got home which was about 3pm so I was pretty hungry! I had a spinach and courgette omelet filled with slices of feta and a side of cucumber and avocado.......YUM!

Followed by a chopped apple, toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds topped with coconut cream.

The rest of the day I was catching up with emails before getting exercise groove on. I did a 40 minute legs/bum and Ab's Tabata workout (more on this tomorrow). Sweat fest!!!!! My hamstrings are still stinging from a workout a couple of days ago but I battled through and feel great for it : )

Little progress shot for ya! Bit scared to put this up but I wanted to show how I am finally getting some Abs showing through! Hopefully these will be far better by Glastonbury (my target!) 

I followed my workout with a throw together meal. I cooked pepper, courgette, baby broad beans and spinach in coconut oil then added a mashed tin of sardines. I added spices, garlic and seasoning then finished it off with a squeeze of lemon. Delicious : )

To finish off my coconut kick I had frozen blueberries and coconut cream whizzed up and topped with shredded toasted coconut! Gosh I have been loving the white fruit today : )

I am now kicking back watching The Voice and generally relaxing. I'm looking forward to spending the day with Dale when he gets back from his fishing trip. Fingers crossed the sun shines again.

I hope the weather is just as good wherever you are and your having a great weekend x x


Do you find yourself eating the same ingredient during the day in different ways?

I didn't plan my day of coconut eating but I'm not complaining!