Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lots of Soup and a Pretty Tattoo

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great start to the week? 
Mine has been good, some great sessions with my new clients who are all doing so well, I am very proud. I can't wait to do there first set of progression stats I think they will all be very pleased!!

I've also been apply for god knows how many jobs, I'm just praying someone gets back to me........
On a lighter note i have been eating some very yummy food over the past couple of days like:

Homemade soup, very thick just the way I like it with bacon for dipping

Tuna salad bowl with tuna, avocado, olives, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds

More soup with boiled eggs for dipping, so good! 

I have also been up to something else, yesterday I got a new tattoo!!!!!!
Its been booked for ages so I was really excited to finally be getting it done, here is my very pretty new addition:

She's on my forearm and I love it! Usually I have a new tattoo and wish I was getting more lucky for me I have another booked in for a couple of weeks time so not long to wait this time! This photo was taken just after it was done so I will give another once its healed : )

I also saw my friends dog yesterday, I sooooooo want one of these cuties!

Today I started a new training system called Tabata (more on this soon). I started my day with a workout followed by a yummy smoothie. Again more job hunting then a mid morning client.

I came home for lunch which was last nights leftover spicy beef and more soup! Then I walked to town to meet my friend for coffee, she is my festival buddy partner in crime and we were getting very excited about Glastonbury! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

I have another day of job hunting and clients tomorrow as well as wishing for someone to take me on!


What do you like to dip in soup?

I am pretty easy going on this, eggs, bacon, rice cakes, veggies anything that some soup can cling to basically! 


  1. I love to dip bread in soup as it soaks up the flavour so well.

    1. I wish I could eat bread that would definitely be my first choice!