Thursday, 4 April 2013

Job Searching

Hey everybody, thank you for all your kind words about the whole job thing it means a lot : )
I've been busy for the past 2 days sorting out my C.V and covering letter then applying for jobs! 
There's been a few I have applied for so it's just a waiting game now. 

Yesterday I had a client at 6am then came home to make this glorious breakfast! Courgette, mushrooms, spinach and bacon cooked in coconut oil topped with a soft egg and avocado on the side.
The rest of my Wednesday as I mentioned was spent writing my C.V and covering letter. I did manage to get out for a run, just 35 minutes but it felt good and cleared my head a bit! 

Today I woke up at 8 which was a bit of a lay in for me and had a hot water and lemon plus a hot water and apple cider vinegar. I have been researching the benefits of apple cider for digestion and it seems to be a pretty good aid so I am trying it out. After my hot drinks I had another yummy breakfast this time I just had spinach and mushrooms with egg. I sprinkled the scramble with paprika which is a great combo and there was some cucumber on the side too. 

The morning was spent job searching and replying to emails then mid morning I ventured out into the cold snowy day to go to the gym. I split an hour between the barbell and vipr. Pretty much a full body circuit on the barbell then the vipr was a cardio frenzy! I was very sweaty when I left, perfect workout! 

Back home I freshened up and then had lunch, homemade soup with carrot dippers. This soup is so thick and yummy just the way I like it : )

I had an apple that needed to be used but was too spongy to eat alone so I sliced it up and cooked it in a little coconut oil with almonds, pumpkin seeds and coconut then topped with a splash of kara coconut milk.

It was then back to the job hunting with a little Gossip Girl thrown in! 

Tonights dinner was lovely I made chopped veggies and sweet pots in a red nut pesto sauce topped with herby chicken. I am now eating some raw chocolate which will be in a blog post soon!

Tomorrow I am up to get to the gym with Dale before he goes fishing and I go and help my sister and her hubby move house, definitely a 2 workout day!

Enjoy your Friday peeps x x


How do you like your soup, thick or thin?

I like mine thick thick thick! Probably a good thing as my homemade soup always is!


  1. Good luck with the job hunting! I'm a thick soup man; none of that watery rubbish for me :) Same here with homemade soup too; it always ends up nice and thick; just how I want it :)

    Jamie @ The Zombie Fitness Blog

  2. Good Luck , lots of luck ! I always roast my veg then liquidize that way it seems to be thick enough scrummy. Sounds like you have a busy few days...Have a good weekend
    Lynn x

    1. Thank you! Yum I love roasted veg turned into soup : )

  3. Oh I love a nice thick soup! Fingers crossed for your job hunting chick!

  4. Applying for jobs can be a chore, but you will find your perfect job for sure!

  5. I like my soups really thick, more like a stew! :)

    Good luck on the job hunting!