Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Job Hunting Job Hunting Job Hunting Oh and Some Yummy Food

Apologies for my MIA behaviour I have been like a crazy person searching through the job sites. Let me tell you its not fun either, its actually really depressing and pretty disheartening. There are hundreds of jobs but none that I am qualified for really but the search must go on. Another reason I haven't dropped in is I'm just so stressed about this job thing that I haven't really been in the greatest of moods so I have just hidden myself away for the past few days! Other training clients I've been a hermit! I did go to spin yesterday morning to get some of my stress out : )

I have some random pics from the past few days, ones I think you might like so I shall stop with the moaning.............

This was Sunday nights meal and it was glorious! We had chicken stuffed with goats cheese and garlic, paprika sweet potatoes and steamed veggies. 

Monday morning I did my first summer body boot camp in the park, it was at 6.15 in the morning and yes people turned up! 

This was a yummy lunch I had, scrambled eggs and veggies topped with avocado and carrot sticks on the side.

Obviously there had to be a smoothie pic thrown in! Mixed berry and coconut smoothie with a toasted topping.

Last night we had chicken with mushrooms and courgette in a red nut pesto with steamed veg. This was super filling and tasty.

Today I woke up with the sorest shoulders!? Not sure why but they are killing but I heaved myself out of bed and got to my clients for 6am. When I got back I decided to take today as a rest day and rest my back/shoulders. I spent the morning searching for jobs until lunch time.

For lunch I made an egg wrap with 1 egg plus 1 white then filled it with tuna and had some salad on the side. 

I also had a mini bowl of goats yogurt mixed with cinnamon and a drip of vanilla stevia plus toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds and coconut. I actually went back for another bowl this was so good! 

The rest of the day has been jobs jobs jobs! 
My eyes are so sore I am looking forward to going to bed and forgetting about this situation till morning! I plan to go to the gym early then come back to search some more before meeting a friend for coffee, a light relief! 

I can only keep my fingers crossed that I find something soon especially as we have this new flat and without another job I can't afford to love in it! 

Time to console myself in a bowl of homemade soup! Hope you've all had a fab week so far I'll be back tomorrow with more job woes I am sure! 


Do you like goats yogurt?

It does taste goaty if you know what I mean but I really love it!


  1. I love goats yoghurt and sheep yoghurt too :-) Oh I really hope something comes up Tam, I've had an up and down week as well, sending you good vibes xxx