Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Guest Post: Slimming Snacks

Any health and fitness expert will be able to tell you that there are a few questions which come up time and again from clients. Without a doubt, one of those questions is which diet to choose.

In fact, the answer is often that the type of diet does not matter, as long as it includes high quality foods and moderation in portion control. Indeed, excessive calorie restriction can actually harm athletic performance, and losing too much weight is not necessarily a positive thing.

For that reason, snacking can be an essential component of any sensible health and fitness strategy. Of course, I'm not talking about chocolate and popcorn, but rather healthy snacks which serve to control appetite and keep the digestive system happy between meals. If planned properly, a good snacking strategy can enable you to consume many less calories without feeling much hungrier.

The health and fitness industry as a whole has started to understand this, which is why chains such as LA Fitness have begun to offer advice on the best healthy snacks to prepare in between meals, as well as which to use when hunger strikes following a workout. In a recent blog post on 'Fitness HQ', the chain recommends health foods such as low-fat yoghurt, simple fruits and even liquorice in order to keep hunger at bay.

Perhaps most interestingly, however, the post also urges health and fitness fans to examine their habits around eating. Rather than reaching for even a slimming snack, those trying to lose weight should consider whether they are really hungry, or just looking for something to occupy their time. If you don't need any calories, try some gum! You're likely to burn off energy chewing, and will bring your weight loss goals just a little bit closer.


What is your go to snack at the moment?

I'm loving almonds, plain and simple : )


  1. I love ryvita with some nutella- not that slimming with the nutella on there, but I find it gives me a good energy boost before I go for a run or something.