Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Goodbye to My New Mate + Some Yummy Savoury Dishes

Hey all, how's it going is your Wednesday humpy?!
Mine has been really good other then the no job life is pretty good, especially as I did a pre end of the month weight check with some clients and things are looking great! I am so excited to take the stats at the beginning of May : )

Before I show you my food from today I have some yummy savoury dishes from the past couple of days......

Tandoori chickpeas with feta and steamed broccoli was a delicious meal and so simple. Basically using the last of what we had left to make a meal but it turned out really good! 

This breakfast was just so tasty. Eggs and courgettes cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 avocado and a tsp of almond butter

Lastly this was another tandoori dish. This time I used some coconut milk and tandoori spice mix to make a sauce then baked 2 chicken breasts and sliced peppers in it with a side of steamed broccoli, perfect! 

Today I was up early to get to my first client at 6am then I popped to Tesco before returning home for breakfast. 

I had some goats yogurt with cinnamon and toasted nuts/seeds and coconut. I also enjoyed a coffee before my next clients turned up. 

Lunch was a simple chickpea and tuna salad, the day has been spent doing more job hunting which is tedious and boring to be honest especially as there has been nothing back yet : (

I had one  more client in the evening before dinner time.

Dinner was very good, I made a mushroom omelet which I had with feta and spinach. This was the best dinner and I will be having it again soon for sure! 

Lastly let me tell you about this little fella. I have been visited by the cat for the past week, it sits on my window sill and cries all night so i gave in and fed him and gave him a little bed to sleep in. Tonight he got picked up to go the vets by a local cat charity. Hopefully goes to a good home, I would love to keep him but its just not the right time : (

Gosh the time has got away with me and I have avery busy day tomorrow, I'm off to London with my sister for a very exciting day. We have a restaurant review and a blogger party, so I can't wait : )

Have a great Thursday peeps x x


Have you ever had a stray cat choose you to be its friend?  

Awwwww I'm actually gonna miss my new mate!


  1. Bless him! At least he will get a good look over at the vets and will find a new someone to love him :)

  2. Oh I am so jealous of you living close to London, I think I know the blogger party you are off to, hope you have a great time!

    1. Thank you! Pinterest? Very excited! X