Monday, 22 April 2013

APRIL Reviews: Tried and Tested

Happy Monday! I had a great start to the week with my Lean Ladies Fitness class this morning. I took my girls for a run/bodyweight circuit round the park which was loads of fun and we were all done by 7am!

I am blogging today about all the fabulous products I have had the pleasure of trying. Before I go on I would like to just say I get offered lots of things to review and only say yes to the things I think I will like and you will like. Saying that I am still totally honest if I am not keen on something I will say so. Some readers don't like reviews I know but part of being a healthy living blogger is trying out new stuff thats on the market and I feel very lucky to get the chance to do that. I hope you enjoy reading my post and finding out about these great products:

Nakd Bars

I am not a stranger to these fabulous bars I have been eating them for quite a few years now and have to say they never disappoint. Nakd bars are made by Natural Balance Foods who also make a selection of different cereal bars and health bars. When I was asked to select some for review I straight away said the nakd bars because they are all natural, gluten free and damn tasty! Plus there are some new flavours I hadn't tried yet.

The 2 new flavours I hadn't tried were the Cafe Mocha and Rhubarb and Custard. Well the Cafe Mocha has gone to a top favourite absolutely love it, the Rhubarb and Custard was a little too sweet for me but Dale really liked it and was more then happy to eat those ones! My all time favourite though is the Ginger Bread bar I have loved it for ages and nothing knocks it from its top place for me. If for some crazy reason you have not tried the nakd bars or any of the other bars made by Natural Balance I highly recommend you do so cause they're really REALLY good!

Quinoa is a grain I usually always have in the cupboard, it goes with anything, you can use it for sweet or savoury dishes, has more protein then other grains and is classed as a super food due to containing the essential amino acids needed by the body.

I was offered some Black Quinola Mothergrain to review and I said a big yes as I have never eaten black quinoa. The black quinola is known as the crunchy one and if you like soft quinoa then you need to cook it for 24+ minutes. I decided to go for the crunchy texture so left mine to boil for about 17/18 minutes then made a big salad by mixing it with tuna, peppers, courgette and a lemon and oil dressing. Absolutely loved it! It has a very yummy nutty taste I think I like it more then the white to be honest. I made a big batch and had it the next day in an egg wrap, again delicious! If I see this on the supermarket shelf I will be picking some because not only is it a great versatile food Quinola is organic and fair-trade total winner! 

If like me you read a selection of health and fitness/foodie blogs you will have seen these little boxes of goodies popping up. Nutibox is filled with gluten free healthy treats and is delivered to your door if you sign up to a monthly subscription. 

I was contacted to review a nutribox mini. They have two choices of box to choose from, the mini has a selection of 8-10 snacks and the full box has 16-20. Each month there is a different array of gluten free goodies. If like me you are a snacker I think this is a great idea and the products are really good!

In my nutribox mini I received: a bounce ball, 2 small bars of ombar dark chocolate,  braw bar, 3 little bags of fruit/nuts, pulsin bar and some raw coconut energy balls. I honestly loved it all, every one of the products I received would be something I would buy for myself. They were all very tasty and perfect for grabbing and putting in my bag if I was out for the day. My favourite was the raw coconut energy balls I will be hunting these down for sure!

I think this is perfect for anyone that wants to try some healthy snacks but is unsure where to start, this gives you a way of trying a product without having to search it out in a health food shop if there isn't one near by or if you just don't have the time to pick a selection like this and tend to go for the more sugary readily available snack foods. The box was also delivered promptly so a big thumbs up all round up from me : )

If you read my blog you will know I love a good fruit/herb tea. I was asked if I would like to try a couple of new flavours from Twinings, Camomile and maple and double mint. Both of these flavours just sounded delightful to me and I was pretty excited to try them. 

When my teas arrived I opened them up straight away and tried the double mint. YUM!! I love mint tea anyway and this is lovely it has a delicious mint flavour. I find this perfect for after dinner to help me digest food and finish off a meal and I like it before bed too it settles me ready for dream time : )
Another plus of the mint tea is it has made my tea cupboard smell insanely good I open up the cupboard and the most amazing minty smell comes out! 

I was even more excited to try the camomile and maple tea I just think it sounds really tasty, let me tell you it is! The tea is sweet but also calming, it tastes like a treat on the tongue! The teas are made so you can have them hot or cold over ice and now the weather is getting better I will be experimenting with some iced teas : )

I loved both of these and will be buying more once I have run out. I have to say the Twinings teas just keep getting better I am always looking out to see what they have new as the flavours are quite unique and the other ones in the sensation collection sound very interesting too.

I was contacted by the handpicked food store to have a look over their site and choose something to review. They have all sorts of fine foods to choose, from cheese's to smoked salmon, chocolates and truffles to dry gin. I had a good look but there was one thing that caught my sweet toothed eye........

Oh yes the Montazuma's Aztec Library of Chocolate bars. Now I am as you know a great chocolate enthusiast and these just sounded so delicious so I just had to go for it! My box included: 
Sea Dog - dark chocolate with lime and sea salt
Spice it Up - dark chocolate with dragon ginger
Culture Shock - white chocolate with ginger and chilli
Minted - milk chocolate with peppermint and
Space Hopper - milk chocolate with orange

Wow! This was a very tasty review indeed, me and Dale went for a walk in the woods yesterday then came home and did a chocolate tasting! Each bar has its own unique flavour and each one is awesome, Dale was very impressed and especially liked the white and milk with mint. My favourite was the dark with lime and sea salt but the white came a close second! These really are a wonderful selection of chocolate bars and a great gift for any one that loves to indulge in the sweet stuff! The delivery was very quick and communication was spot on. I really like this site, if your in the market for some fine foods I would recommend you take a look and indulge yourself! 

Last but definitely not least is Red Candy a site that is dedicated to red home furnishings and interior accessories! They have all sorts of things to choose from and being a lover of red I was more then happy to do a review of their site. The Red Candy site is really user friendly, the only thing I found hard was choosing something to review as there was so much I liked! 

For ages I have wanted a stove top cafetiere and low and behold they had a beautiful red one! 

My new Classic Red Cafetiere only took a couple of days to come but I needed to get some decent coffee to put in it so I could enjoy the experience fully! I popped out yesterday to a local health food shop and got the perfect coffee to use it was a Guatemala blend with fruity tones......hmmmmmm

The stove top cafetiere comes in 3 parts. You fill the bottom half with water then pop in the middle section which divides the bottom from the top and fill with coffee, quite compact, then screw the top half on. Put it on the stove and heat (if that makes sense!) It takes about 5 minutes for the coffee to be brewed, this made the best home coffee I have had in a long time. It keeps the flavour of the coffee far better then a normal cafetiere so I am very impressed!

I like the Red candy site and obviously if you like red things you'll love it too! It has some great gift ideas which I will be going back to look at, I have lots of friends that love red : )

Well there we have it Aprils review post has come to an end. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the companies that sent over products, it has been a pleasure to try out these new things and it has been great getting to know all of these new sites! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these and will think about trying them now you know you wont be disappointed! Right time for me to get ready for my evening clients. I hope you've had a good Monday peeps x x


Have you tried any of the above, what did you think?


  1. Oh my word you have tried a lot of things this month! I love nakd bars- the gingerbread or cocoa mint are my faves! And I love that Twinings tea too- it makes fab iced tea as it needs no sweetening or anything.
    I love the look of the nutribox- those sort of snacks are so much nicer and better than chocolate/ crisps from a vending machine or whatever.

    1. I must try the tea iced! Totally agree the nutribox is great : )

  2. I need to try that new Nakd bar flavour! x

  3. So many good things, luck you! I really want one of those cafetieres now, and I also want to try a nutriboc as I think they are a great idea, and that black quinoa look good too!

    1. I really love the cafetiere very cool and the coffee tastes fab!

  4. Lots of amazing products! I love the new chamomile and maple tea, yum!

  5. I would love to try a proper coffee maker for the stove and that red one is gorgeous! I love the camomile maple tea and montezumas chocolate is always a fave!