Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Goals - A New Job?

Hello Sunshine!
Well it may be cold but April has started with the sun saying hello which is a good beginning to the month. Hopefully its a sign of things to come I could definitely do with some sunshine in my life right now!

As I mentioned yesterday I would post my April goals and do my yearly goal check in but before I share that with you here are 3 protein packed meals that have rocked my world recently:

Pumpkin seed and veggie hash toped with soft boiled eggs!
I made the veggie hash by heating some coconut oil up in a pan then adding a red onion, 2 grated carrots and 1 courgette. Once they started to brown I threw in a handful of pumpkin seeds and cooked for a further 2 minutes or so. This was breakfast for me and Dale and it went down a storm! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am having a bit of a love affair with chicken at the moment. Dales stepdad has a butchers so we get a good deal on a box of chicken! This was leftover tandoori chicken breast with steamed sweet potato, broccoli and half an avocado. Delicious!

And the last is probably my favourite, steamed sweet potato, topped with cashew butter. Plus 2 rashers of bacon with mangetout and mushrooms. I cooked the mangetout and mushrooms with the bacon so they were really yummy! This was perfect after a killer gym session : )

Right lets talk goals shall we?! First up my yearly goals update:

Food Goals
Eat more vegan/veggie dishes
Create more healthy recipes (bars)
Use only natural sugars
Keep eating wheat free

This has been half and half. I have been eating more veggie meals and trying out new recipes like Saturdays meal. Eating wheat free has not been a problem either although a trip to the specialist today has told me to stay clear of rye as well......there goes the ryvita! She also told me I need to cut out sugar for a while and only eat natural sugars now again well I guess I better work harder at the natural sugars thing! Now Easter is out of the way there is no excuse and the specialist telling me to cut it out is even more of a motivation! Making bars sort of went off track this week too so I need to get that going again. 

Fitness Goals
Complete Insanity 60 Day Challenge
Get down a dress size
Get to the gym 2/3 times a week 2/3 short runs
Do a 3 minute plank

Well I have done the first 30 days of Insanity and I am currently in my break week. I have decided to carry on and do the full 60 days. I am not down a dress size (especially after this weekend!) I can do a 2.5 minute plan though! I also need to work a little harder at getting to the gym even though I have been going to spin twice a week so that counts towards the gym! Running again just didn't really get going last month but I will be trying harder through April especially as I have some nice new trainers to get my feet moving : )

Life/Work Goals
Save money 
Do 2 fitness courses
Put more into salad and sequins/post more regularly
Get more clients

I removed move in with Dale because thats done and dusted! Save money needs work, then I can get on with the courses! I have been posting more regularly which makes me happy and have lots of things going on with blog. I have 6 new clients which is AMAZING and I am so excited to start training them! 

Not too shabby with these yearly targets : )

March, I had a few monthly goals Insanity being one which I have completed and the others were no chocolate till Easter and the 2 day diet. Hmmmm I did 24 days without chocolate before cracking and the 2 day diet you can read about here

April I have some mini goals I want and kind of NEED to be achieve. Food wise after seeing the specialist is really focusing on the sugar thing. My skin and tummy have been really bad this past couple of months so I need to get strict. Exercise I want to complete the next 30 days of Insanity. Finally Work now this is a big one..........

The reason I was feeling crap this weekend and at the end of last week is because I have been let go from my part time job : (
Not for anything I have done but because the wages just aren't there to pay me I am seen as a luxury really which sucks but I totally understand. It does mean I have until the end of May to find another job though so this goal has to be achieved! I want to be starting a new job by the start of May so keep your fingers crossed for me! I do have all my clients which is fab but its not enough money with the new flat and everything so I NEED NEED NEED a new job! 

If you would like to employ me please email - tamzin_sparkles@hotmail.co.uk!!!! 
You never know........

Ok got it off my chest, let the job searching commence! 


Do you have April goals?


  1. Oh no what a shame about the job! I'm sure you'll find something else really quick though :-)

  2. My goal for april is to really get my act together and lose the spare tyre that has grown around my waste! It would great to get the muscles in my left bum/hip/thigh sorted too, as that would help me get back to my cardio and achieve the first goal. its a vicious circle i feel.

  3. Pumpkin seed and veggie hash sounds sooo good! My boyfriend loves pumpkin seeds, so I feel like I need to make this for him!

    1. Oh you must try it!! So yummy : )

  4. I need to set myself some April goals, and top of the list is "post regularly on the Zombie Fitness blog!" I've kind of neglected it, and it goes hand in hand with my fitness regime :(

    Chicken and avocado salad is good in my books. Yum :)

    Jamie @ The Zombie Fitness Blog

    1. April is definitely a good month to get back on the fitness track!!

  5. Hello Tam
    as always your food is so original and delicious, and your life sounds crazy fun and fabulous busy ha ha... I do recommend running again.. it keeps me slim and sane and being a lot of a pagan an opportunity to be in the countryside. I was made redundant from my job at University in February, it was the most awful procedure I had to interview against a friend/colleges and lost, and the worst of it is no one has been in touch or replied to any of my mails since I left....BUT.. I'm now ok took some weeks but I have a super design contract and I am making stuff for myself...I am convinced this all happens for a really good reason.. I am so much happier..so please don't get down or feel worried I am so sure the right thing will pop up in some way for you. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and hugs.
    Lynn xxx

    1. Hey Lynn,
      Thank you for your kind words, I am sorry to hear about your job but it sounds like it worked out for the best! Yep fingers crossed I find something soon x x x

  6. So sorry to hear about your job!! I hope that you find something soon!