Sunday, 17 March 2013

Yoga & Takeaways.....

Where did today go?!
 I don't know about you but for me today has just disappeared and Monday is already looming. Don't get me wrong I'm actually really looking forward to the coming week I just didn't want to say goodbye to this one quite so quick! 

This morning I woke up before my alarm and decided to do some yoga on my "day off". I tried out a new app I recently bought which wasn't really doing it for me so decided to try a 20 minute You Tube Yoga session. It was ok but I definitely need to experiment with the yoga on there, I know some of you use You Tube for yoga any recommendations would be great! 

I got showered then made breakfast, this was so SO good. Definitely my kind of Sunday breakfast. I cooked some courgette, mushrooms and pepper in a pan with a little coconut oil. I sprinkled the veggies with salt, pepper and paprika then when they started to get some colour I added 2 eggs and scrambled. I topped the mix with a spoonful of almond butter and enjoyed every mouthful! I ate this at 7.30am and it kept me full until lunch at 1pm definite staying power!

After devouring breakfast I drove to Brighton to train a client then it was back to Hastings to meet Dale. We hung out at home for a bit and had lunch, homemade veggie soup with rice cakes for dipping. A quick pop into town to grab some toiletries followed by a visit to Jonathan and the day is nearly over! It was lovely to see him though and I shall be hopefully meeting up with him again before he goes back to Berlin : )

I have been snacking on pistachios this afternoon and quite a lot lately to be honest! We have discovered the scoop pistachios in Lidl which work really cheap, way cheaper then buying in packets thats for sure. Every time we go there we make sure to stock up, I have to say they are very addictive!

Tonight it seems chips are on the menu and yes I mean Chip Shop chips! 
I don't really do takeaways other than chips and thats only once in a while but tonight the man wants some so I figured why not? I actually like sweet potato chips the best but its one of those days when I can't be bothered to cook, which is also very rare! 

I'm looking forward to just kicking back and watching the last couple of episodes of Board Walk before a very hectic week I'll explain all about that in the next couple of posts I'm sure! 

Before I go I am going to share my exercise for the week (gasp!), yes I have remembered to out it up for once............

Monday: Insanity 
Tuesday: Insanity
Wednesday: Insanity
Thursday: Spinning + Run
Friday: Run + Insanity
Saturday: Insanity
Sunday: Yoga

Pretty active right!? Yesterday I finished the second week of Insanity, its going really well and I am feeling good. The workouts don't ever get easier but I can do more if not the whole dvd through with out breaks (other then the allowed ones!). Tomorrow I have the 2nd fit test so I am excited to see the results, hopefully I can report back with a few changes : )

Time to get the plates out for my dinner which is on its way to me have a fab evening x x


Can you recommend any Yoga downloads/You Tube sessions?

Would love to know what ones your loving!

Do you ever get takeaways?

Come on be honest!


  1. I like the jillian michaels yoga meltdown :)

    1. Ooooo I'll look that up thanks!!!

  2. I don't get takeaways all that often but Sunday nights are usually asda pizza and garlic bread night :-)

    Pizza and skyfall is how my evening is shaping up!

    1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday night, enjoy!!

  3. I am quite fussy- I am not a massive fan of chips so sometimes Andy gets them, and I have one or two, but because I don't eat fish or any of the other options then it is not a great takeaway. I think takeaway pizza is OK< but I prefer a nice supermarket or restaurant one, and I don't like any others at all. My vice would be chai lattes or the waffle house! :)

    1. The chips were pretty good but generally my vice would be a soy latte coffee definitely wins!!

  4. If you have a look at my youtube channel I have a few links to different ones. The Jillian Michaels level 1 is good!

    1. Thank you I shall have a gander next time I need to get me some yoga : )