Sunday, 3 March 2013

The 2 Day Diet

What a glorious Sunday we are having, I hope wherever you are the sun has been shining like it has here on the south coast. I enjoyed it in the comfort of my own home its true but I was grateful for it all the same. As I mentioned in my previous post me and Dale had the weekend together to finally enjoy our new home. After posting yesterday I had very busy Saturday, we went into St.Leonards (my new neighbourhood) and had a dig round the antique shops and little boutiques that are popping up which was loads of fun we just needed a lot more time but there is always next time. Then it was into town to do some bits and we also paid a visit to Dales mums where I met his other grandparents. The last stop was the gym! Yep it was a 2x workout day for me. I ended up doing a legs and arms circuit and finished with 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I had to forget abs due to then being super sore still from my exercise class on Thursday, I must have been doing something right hopefully my members are just as sore! 

Saturday evening was a definite chill out night. Just what the doctor ordered, we had a delicious vegan dinner which included veggies, chickpeas and almond stuffed olives. Then for pudding I chopped up a very ripe pineapple and topped it with homemade granola and coconut milk. Oh my god it was heaven for the taste buds, the granola turned out perfectly and I will be sharing the recipe later in the month. 

This morning even though I had nothing to get up for my faithful body clock had me up and wide awake at 7am so I left Dale to snooze and caught up with all your fabulous blogs which was a lovely way to start the day. 

One large coffee later Dale was up and about so we got to making a yummy breakfast, boiled eggs, paprika mushrooms and beans. There was also some ryvita action that went on behind the scenes! This was such a yummy, filling breakfast and pretty healthy to boot : )

I have spent the rest of the day playing with my new computer (I invested in a macbook air!) which I am falling in love with. My old computer was slowly dying and I couldn't do anything on it so this is a breath of fresh air and I am enjoying learning all about it.

Right now to talk about this new eating plan I mentioned in my March Goals post. Back in January I did a review about the Alternate Day Diet. I found the book really interesting but the thought of having my calories restricted every other day was quite daunting. Since then I have been doing my own research on this topic and have found out some interesting facts. Thats why when I was offered to review the 2 day diet book I said a big yes! 

The basics of this book is to diet 2 days a week, they suggest two days together then eat normally for the other 5. Unless you've been a sleep for the past few months you'll have heard about lots of different approaches to this diet, for me this was less scary one. The book says to limit yourself on the 'diet days' to 500 calories to be made up of veggies and proteins. Then on the other 5 to follow a Mediterranean diet. I like the idea of restricting your calories on 2 days then eating normally for 5 not just to lose a few pounds but the health benefits it seems are pretty high. This diet claims to have anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits which if true is another good reason to eat this way. I haven't finished the whole book yet and I will be doing a full review after eating this way for a month. I am only using this book as guide 1. because I cannot afford to buy a load more food and 2. because of the amount of exercise I do I need fuel which means on the other 5 days I will be eating as I normally do which I don't think is bad. I eat a wholesome diet filled with nutrient rich foods which aren't high in saturated fat, white grains or sugar. 

I'm going to give you updates along the way, how I feel, what I've been eating and so on. If your interested that is, I am well aware that there are some people that are less then interested of my diet trials but as someone who works in the health and fitness industry I enjoy trying out these new diet and fitness ideas and if they help me maybe they could help my clients/readers? Anyways this is what I'm going to try out and along with my fitness for the month I am hoping for some good results! I have taken all my stats, even photos (in underwear!) and will report back with my findings : )

The rest of my Sunday is going to be taken up with sorting paper work and tiding while we wait for our chicken to cook in our new slow cooker! Very excited about that, we got a slow cooker as a moving in gift and finally had time to break it open and use it. I hope you have had a lovely day and are looking forward to the first full week of March. 


Have you heard/tried the 2 day diet? What are your thoughts?

I have looked into the other styles which are slightly more scary to me for now, lets see how I do........


  1. I'm really interested to see how this feels. I'm sure it is effective as you are restricting your caloric intake - but I wonder how it makes you feel. I think, since going paleo, that I would find it easier to do this as I feel less panicky when hungry than i did when i ate starchy carbs.

    1. I know what you mean with the panicky feeling I do eat carbs but since dabbling with paleo foods I feel confident in eating 2 days of protein and veggies without there bring a problem....I hope!

  2. I've been doing 2 days a week on 500 cals and loving it! Even working out at 6am then a full days work is now easy on an empty stomach then I have a healthy 500 cal dinner. Also less hungry on non fast days. The 5:2 diet book I have says not to do consecutive days which is working for me! Looking forward to hearing how you get on!


    1. I think I have the same book as well I have tried the 500 calorie day and found it really tough maybe this will help me and then I can take the calories lower? I'll have to see how I get on with this way for a while me thinks x

  3. I've never heard of the 2 day diet. I can't wait to read how you get on.