Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stress Free Weekend

Hello, I hope you've all been having a great weekend?
I really have, its been lovely not particularly exciting just chilled and stress free which is what weekends are all about right? 

I ended up not having to work but still woke up super early on Saturday. I had a cup of hot water and lemon then got my Insanity groove on. Dale went fishing Friday night so I waited for him to get home then we went and did a little grocery shop before coming home to hang out. We had a quick and easy dinner of sausages, egg and beans. Simple but so yummy its been a while since I had a meal like that. We watched Argo for a Saturday night movie which I really enjoyed. It was pretty scary being a real story and all, have you seen it, what did you think?

This morning we woke up around 7ish, I got up made a green juice then hit the gym! Its been 3 weeks since I've been to the gym other than spinning and I had a great workout. I like going to the gym with Dale, we usually do our own thing then do abs and the last bit of cardio together. 

Back home out of the cold I decided to have something cold, a smoothie! Ha on a bit of a smoothie kick at the moment. I go in phases with smoothies and at the moment its in full swing smoothie mode! 

Its been a very lazy Sunday we watched a film after our late breakfast called The Experiment. Hmmmm it was quite good but there were some definite hide ya face violent scenes, one for the boys : )

I convinced Dale to face the cold and take a stroll down the shops before lunch as I need to get a couple of things.......

Firstly I needed to get a new notepad to start to organise my blog posts and keep notes. Things have really started to get busy with Salad and Sequins which is great but it also means I need to start keeping things in check. I want to give myself set dates to work towards when putting up posts on the blog and I like to do that in writing so these handy notepads I managed to find are prefect. 

I also picked up these cute pots. I am planning an Easter weekend dinner soiree and these are going to be perfect for what I am planning. My meal is from a new cookery book I will be reviewing and I can't wait to share it with you : )

We didn't stay out for long due to the cold wind wrapping its self round our poor ears plus it was time to make lunch!

I made a fresh pumpkin seed pesto, recipe will be coming soon!

The pesto went on top of a very delicious herby chicken salad. We never usually have salad so this was a welcome change and a joy for the tastebuds. The pesto is bloody lovely! 

I also made a pear and cinnamon crumble, a new flavour for me and one I will be recreating thats for sure.

No crumble is complete without custard so obviously I made that too! But it wasn't just any old custard it was honey and rice milk hmmmmmmmmm

Again the recipe for this will be coming soon, I actually made it for my post over at Rice Dream
which is up at the beginning of April so I will let you know when it goes live : )

As you can see its been pretty good this side of the screen a perfect weekend for me. Its nice to relax before a super busy 4 days ahead. Yay to a 4 day work week! I have some new clients to meet which is very exciting, clients to train, blog stuff to organise and work at the warehouse.

 I hope your all looking forward to your 4 day week and the weekend has been just as relaxing as mine.


Did you get to cook up anything new to you this weekend?

The pesto and the crumble were both new and both total hits! I am looking forward to eating the rest of both over the next few days! 


  1. Good thinking with the notepads idea! I need to be more organised with my blog(s) as well, as there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to post, comment etc.

    Nothing fancy cooked this weekend, but tomorrow starts the #ShopCardiff week, so hopefully I'll be making some interesting meals :)


    1. Oooooo that sounds interesting........

  2. about to try a recipe/idea from Protein Pow(d)er - butternut squash and vanilla protein powder - kind of like a pudding.

    The custard looks so good - i've been craving bananas and custard recently.

  3. That does sound like a lovely and chilled weekend!

    Would you mind me asking where you bought the bowls from? They're gorgeous and I'd love it if I could find some like that.


    1. No I don't mind you asking at all!! I bought them from a boutique shop in St Leonard's but I am sure there are other places you could get them x

    2. Thanks! I'll have to keep an eye out to see if I can find something similar :)

  4. The lemon and blueberry cake was new to me, and very tasty too! Your pesto sounds lovely :)

    1. Hmmmm that cake sounds delicious!

  5. Sounds like such a lovely weekend - nothing new for me just much of the same!