Thursday, 14 March 2013

Snowy Days and Flapjack

Hiya, how are we? I'm feeling great after an early morning spin session! Its been a couple of days since I popped in to share some yummy food with you and tell you about the goings on this side of the screen.

 I'm going to rewind to Tuesday when me and Dale got snowed in! 
Tuesday morning I couldn't get to spin due to the sudden snow storm and Dale couldn't get to work either so I got up and did my Insanity session roping Dale in too! I actually had Tuesday off anyway but it was nice getting to spend the day with the man too : )
For breakfast I had an un-pictured bowl of eggs and courgette with almond butter and some cucumber it was perfect after my workout. Me and Dale took advantage of having the day together and chilled out  watching Board Walk Empire. Have you watched it? I'm loving it, we're on the second series. I'm in love with the clothes : )

We ate soup for lunch and a little while after I got to making some carrot and coconut flapjack

This turned out pretty damn good if I'm honest, crunchy outer but super soft in the middle wanna know how I did it? Well lucky you here's the recipe:

You need: 1.5 cups whole oats, 1.5 cups unsweetened desiccated coconut, 2 grated carrots, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup tahini, 1/4 cup walnut oil, 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, 1/4 cup flaked almonds, 1 chia egg, cinnamon and ground ginger.

To make:  make chia egg*, put all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and combine, add in the grated carrot and mix again. Put wet ingredients in a separate bowl and mix before adding to dry. Mix all ingredients together then add the chia egg and mix one last time. Pour mix into a parchment lined baking tray and bake for 30 minutes on a medium heat or until browned.
Cool, serve.

*chia egg = 1Tbsp chia seeds + 2/3 tbsp water - this becomes thick and sticky and can be used instead of an egg.

Delicious! The flapjack turned out really nice with the added carrot, I usually use apple sauce but had none and couldn't get to any due to the snow.

A bit later in the day we did manage to get to the local shops to grab a couple of bits. I went into the grocers for some eggs and look what I found!! Purple kale, I couldn't resist getting some, even though at £1.85 for a small bunch it was quite expensive, to me anyway!

We obviously had to try the kale for dinner, I made some chickpeas with veggies and we had a side of carrot noodles and purple kale. I steamed the carrots and kale then gave them a quick blitz in a heated pan with a little coconut oil and salt, perfect. The kale is delicious so creamy, it tastes a lot like the black kale you get.

On a Wednesday I usually work a half day at the warehouse but I did the whole day yesterday. I got up before work and did Insanity then had a very pretty smoothie. The best thing about this smoothie was the topping, almond butter, pumpkin seeds and bees pollen, yummy!!!!!!

I had to park a little way from work as the hill down onto the estate was like an ice slick! On my walk in I saw some colour poking through the snow........


For lunch I had a small bowl of soup, 2 boiled eggs and a piece of flapjack.

Wednesday has turned into shopping day so after work I waited for Dale to get home then we hit the shops for our weekly shop. We went to Lidl and Asda and went slightly over budget this week but generally we keep it within if not less then we budget for.

When we got back we needed a quick dinner this meant more chickpeas! I did another vegan delight which was very tasty, we also had half a chopped apple each topped with homemade granola and a little rice milk. 

This morning as I mentioned above I went to my early morning spin class, a sweaty and heart pumping start to the day! When I got home I washed made some soup and sorted my hair before sitting down to another yummy smoothie. Todays was blueberry and tahini so good! 

I am doing my half day at work today and need to start getting ready really. I will wish you all a fab day and hope the sun is shining where you are too x x x


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  1. That flapjack looks lovely! I really enjoyed Boardwalk Empire although I do find some of the story arcs take ages to finish.

    1. It really is the carrot is so good!

  2. I always love the look of your smoothies! I've just had so much tahini with my lunch but I love it too much to ever just have a little bit!

    1. I'm sure the prettier they the better they taste!!