Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Scramble Egg and Almond Butter!

Hey hey, how's it going? 
I'm having a great Tuesday, I was up early to get to spin which was real sweat fest this morning then it was home for breakfast:

I had a yummy plate of food including scrambled egg with courgette drizzled with almond butter and some little gem lettuce on the side. This was so good, I'll definitely be recreating this!

Once breakfast had settled I got on with day 2 of Insanity. Sweat fest number 2! Wowzas such a killer workout but I have to say I love it. 

I am now enjoying a bowl of homemade veggie soup before sorting out some client sessions. Then I'll be off to train those clients. I hope Tuesday is being kind to you and the sun is shining : )


Whats your favourite thing to scramble into eggs?

I love courgette, spinach or peppers and for a sweet option apples 


  1. I love eggs with EVERYTHING! I don't tend to add much when I make them in the morning, except fro maybe some avocado!

    1. Yea avocado and egg is a total winner!!!

  2. I agree with Ffion, eggs do go with everything, yum!

  3. I agree with Ffion, eggs do go with everything!