Friday, 15 March 2013

Protein Packed Breakfast

Good evening readers, I hope you've had a fab Friday?
Mine has been very long but really good too! I woke up this morning and really wanted to run so I thats what I did. It was bloody freezing but I had a good hilly run and felt great afterward. I definitely needed a protein packed breakfast........

This was so good, courgette, mushrooms and 2 eggs scrambled cooked in coconut butter topped with almond butter with some avocado on the side : )

This set me up for the day, well until about 11am when I ate a homemade flapjack

For lunch I had a bowl of homemade veggie soup with some oat cakes.

I had to get some post from my dads after work then I came home to do my Insanity workout. 
Sweat Fest! Ha was a good one : )

I have a super busy Saturday ahead so if I don't get time to drop in I hope you al have a great day!


Whats your favourite protein breakfast?

Eggs are definitely my go to protein breakfast but as you know I have been happy with a chicken breast now and again! 

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  1. Eggs, sweet potato or apple and nut butter for me! Love it!