Friday, 22 March 2013

Pretty Smoothie, Cashew Butter and Shopping Deals

Yay its Friday! I've had a good day and a good week but I am glad the weekend is upon us, even if the weather stinks! It turns out that I have got the weekend off which is pretty great. I have loads to do though so my 2 days are going to be busy busy!

Before I start to wish my life away lets talk about today! I was up early to do Insanity before work, sweaty mess is a way you could have described me! 

I had another smoothie for breakfast, which was so pretty! I made this one with almond milk, water, sun warrior vanilla, wheatgrass, little gem lettuce, tahini, pro biotic honey and mixed berries. Topped with flaked almonds and salted pistachio's. Sweet and salty yum! 

I worked at the warehouse again today and lunch eats were the same as yesterday minus the eggs, which I am having for dinner. When I finished work I popped to my dads to pick up post and look what came............

My Cashew Butter!!!!!!!
I love the almond butter from My Protein but they were out of stock so I decided to spend a little more and treat myself to this bad boy! 

As soon as I got home I cracked it open and slapped some on top of a corn cake or 3....... : )
YUMMY, its fab I think I like the almond butter more but this will do just fine. 

I also got a delivery of Rice Dream, thank you!!!!!!
I'm looking forward to making a very yummy recipe with one of those this weekend, the plan is set I just need to get in the kitchen. Thats just one of the plans this weekend, I have a couple of recipes to get made and photographed for the blog, as well as get my March review post sorted and I have client and class workouts to sort out 2 days might not be long enough! 

I've got loads to do and with the weather so bad, thankfully not as bad as my northern friends (I wish you well friends!) of course but its got me thinking about shopping and finding the best deals from the comfort of my own home. I don't usually hunt for deals at my everyday shops on the net because I will generally go in and get things from the high street stores and when in them I see the deals on offer.

I recently found My Voucher Codes which has Boots discount codes for
so much stuff like 3 for 2 on vitamins a deal I often like to look at. I didn't realise just how many of the shops I like would be on the site, I finally have some time to sit down and have a good look tonight too. One that really caught my eye and I plan to have a read through is the Holland and Barrett voucher codes and the buy 1 get 1 free on everything. I don't know about you but I find Holland and Barrett pretty expensive these days so any discounts are very welcome!

Thats my evening sorted anyway, sofa shopping prefect for the wet weather! Plus I love a good deal : )


Do you use discount codes?

I always use my discount vouchers from Tesco but with prices rising its time to take advantage of these sites me thinks.


  1. OMG that cashew butter looks amazing! I just busted into a new pot of the almond butter - it can't be beaten!

    1. It is lovely but almond butter is still the best!!! X

  2. Wow, how does that cashew butter have so much protein??

    1. I guess thats just what 100g of cashews have?! No idea but I am happy to get my protein in such a tasty way ha ha : )