Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Blog Look!!!!!

A quick post to introduce my new blog look! 

I am really pleased with how my new look has turned out, big thank you to my sister and her hubby!
I have wanted to do so much to Salad and Sequins for ages and this is a great start, I have lots more to do though. I am hoping to get it all sorted over the next few weeks it just depends on time that I don't always have! 

Most of my Saturday has been blog sorting, I did train two clients in Brighton this morning, came home and did Insanity then trained my sister and her hubby after lunch but the rest of the day has been blog blog blog. This is my excuse for no food photos!

Sunday is another busy one this side of the screen. I have a client to train first thing, a trip to town with Dale then I'm off to meet up with my friend Jonathan (the one that lives in Berlin). He is over visiting and I am very excited to be seeing him tomorrow!!!!!!

Once all that is done it will be home to chill out on the sofa before an even busier week ahead! 
It seems to be non-stop at the moment in a good way, I just need to use my time better and write a few more lists. I have some posts referring to this coming up! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend whatever you may be up to x x


What do you think of my new look?!

I love it! Then again it is my blog so I guess I would!