Friday, 1 March 2013

March Here We Come

Happy first of March people! 
I am looking forward to, I hope, some milder weather. Wouldn't that be nice : )
What I love about this season is flowers starting to bloom and the mornings/evenings becoming lighter. Then its only matter of time before summer, again I hope!

I'll stop there before I get a little too ahead of myself and remember it is only the start of March and what a month I have planned but before that I am going to do a little recap of my yearly goals and how they're going.......

Food Goals
 Eat more vegan/veggie dishes
Create more healthy recipes (bars)
Use only natural sugars
Keep eating wheat free

Well these are going really well for me, I have been eating more veggie dishes, making bars and eating wheat free the only one that hasn't been fabulous is the eating only natural sugar but hey we have another 10 months for that to be perfected!

Fitness Goals
Complete Insanity 60 Day Challenge
Get down a dress size
Get to the gym 2/3 times a week 2/3 short runs
Do a 3 minute plank

Again fitness is going well. Insanity I'll go into below, I have been getting to the gym 3/4 times a week and doing 2 runs plus I am up to 2 minutes on my plank. I am not down a dress size yet but have lost a couple of pounds and can see some great changes in my body : )

Life/Work Goals
Move in with Dale
Save money to move/courses
Do 2 fitness courses
Put more into salad and sequins/post more regularly
Get more clients

Well we saved and we moved, I have 1 new client and I'm on my way to posting more regularly. I definitely need to save more to do some course's and when I have the internet installed postings is going to be far more frequent! I am also at the moment sorting plans for big changes to the this space!

I'm pretty chuffed with all these yearly goals so far and with another 10 months of the year to go I can't wait to see how I progress : )

What do I have planned for March?

Well I plan to restart Insanity, now I have a flat on the ground floor I wont disturb my neighbours by jumping on their ceiling and I am finally getting back into a routine having moved so there is no excuse! I am setting myself the 30 day challenge to start purely because with the amount of time I spend doing exercise already it can be a real struggle to fit everything in! I am going to be shopping for bridesmaid dresses at the beginning of April so I want to tone up some more. I am still planning on going spinning, running and doing my gym workouts which mean this month is going to be exercise heavy but I'm looking forward to it.

Food wise I am planning on trying out a new way of eating I am going to do a full post about this on Sunday. I have been sent a new book to review and I'll show you what the plan is at the weekend the other food goal is to continue with my NO chocolate till Easter. I forgot to mention back on Shrove Tuesday that I would be giving up chocolate for Lent. I am not religious but as this is a set time to stop doing something I thought I would use it as a good excuse to give it up. So far so good it has been 17 days since I last ate chocolate and I'm still going strong, I'm not going to lie there has been some points I have wanted to break but didn't let it get the better of me roll on Easter day when I will be having a chocolate egg!

Those are the two things I am focusing on this month Insanity and a new food plan. Oh and to carry on enjoying my lovely flat.

Blimey this turned into a wordy post! I do have one last thing to say to the anonymous commenter who has yet again been back to share some less then friendly words. I have removed the option to comment on my posts anonymously, if you would like to comment on the way I choose to live my life I am more then happy to read what you have to say but I prefer to know who the words are coming from. I write this blog because I enjoy it, this is me I don't pretend to be perfect, I have my faults just like everyone else. If you enjoying knowing what I get up to then thank you for being interested and coming on this life journey with me if you don't  I am not forcing you to read it!

Just wanted to get that off my chest!

Have a great weekend people I plan on getting to know my new neighbourhood : )


What are your goals for March?


  1. I'm new to the blogging world so I have the following goals for March:

    1) clean up my diet- 27 years of processed foods with the occasional healthy meal thrown in has started to take effect, I feel rubbish. March is all about clean, fresh foods to clean me from the inside out - with the occasional treat thrown in (I'm only human)

    2) Exercise 3 times a week and learn to love it and not endure it. I want working out to be a fundamental part of my life and not a 'necessary evil' I'm excited to start working on the beach bod for summer

    3) Engage more with the blogging community. As well as continuing with my brand spanking new blog,, I want to build my reading list of healthy lifestyle blogs to get inspiration

    1. Sounds like your going to have a fabulous month! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Well you know my opinion on that commenter! Interested to hear more about your new plan of eating :-)

  3. Great goals, and you've made a big dent in your goals or the year, and only two month in! I'm just in the middle of writing my monthly goals post, it's great being able to look back at the month!

    1. Thanks! It's exciting to see what else I can achieve!!