Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March 13th National Non Smoking Day

I have something important to share with you today:

National Non Smoking Day

Today 13th of March is, if you didn't know, national non smoking day.
I am sure like me you know people that smoke, if you do then you'll also know that for those people smoking is part of their life and either don't want to give up or find it very difficult when trying. Maybe those people that would like to try need a helping hand to stop smoking. Thats where Exsmokers comes in, this is a new site created by the EU to help people trying to put out the dreaded cigarettes. The site offers a free online digital health platform called iCoach which includes tips on how to give up smoking. This programme is not only for those that want to give up its also for those who are thinking about it but are not quite ready.

There are lots of ways to help you give up smoking from Hypnosis to Nicotine replacements but most of them come at a price which many can't afford. This site as I mentioned is free which means getting help couldn't be easier or cheaper! So if you know anyone with the habit why not point them towards iCoach it could be just thing their looking for : )

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