Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jazzed Up Tuna Salad

Hey everyone I hope your all excited for your four day weekend?
This week is flying by meaning Easter isn’t far off which also means chocolate! So before I get on my chocolate train lets talk salad! The past few days have been filled with yummy salads and I’m definitely not complaining. Eating salads happens a lot more in the warmer months for me but with the fear of the warm months never arriving I am getting my salad lovin on early with the help of Sacla. 
Click here for antipasti recipes from Sacla.

I thought I’d share a yummy salad recipe with you today which is colourful and very healthy, what salads are all about right?! My Jazzed Up Tuna salad is in honour of the jar of Sacla Artichoke Antipasti I was sent to try out.

 I absolutely love artichokes especially when they are dressed in oil and herbs, so good! Plus for me they are the perfect addition to a fresh, dare I say it, summery salad. Like my smoothies I like to Jazz Up my salads with all sorts of yumminess and this salad is pretty damn delicious, one I would suggest you try pronto!

To make this yummy salad I used:
1/2 little gem lettuce, 1 large raw mushroom chopped, sliced bell pepper, 1/3 can tuna, 5 artichoke heart quarters, and a dollop of my homemade pumpkin pesto. Thats it, fresh and so so tasty. The artichokes have the oil already on them so you don’t need any dressing for the salad and using some pesto or hummus gives it that extra moistness.

I have to admit I am really impressed with the artichokes, they taste great. I’ve looked over the rest of the antipasti range and I’m pretty sure it would all taste great in salads so I can see some more Jazzed Up salads in my future!


Have you tried any of the Sacla Antipasti, what did you think?

After trying the artichokes I think the sun dried tomatoes are next on my Sacla trying list!

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