Monday, 18 March 2013

Great Monday + Foodie Festival Ticket Winner!!

Hello, what a Monday!!!
If every Monday was like today I would be a very happy person, today has been so
good : )

It started early when I went to train a client at 6am

When I got home I made a fresh juice from 1 apple, slice of lemon, 1/2 a small cucumber and a large handful of spinach. This was perfect fuel to give me fit test power! I did my second Insanity fit test which means I am already at the beginning of week 3, that has flown by! I'm really happy with my results, I went up in all 8 exercises go me!!!!!

After showering I made breakfast, I definitely needed protein after that workout so went for 2 fried eggs with mushrooms, avocado and little gem lettuce. So good : )

Mid morning I went to meet a couple of new clients that will be starting with me next month, very excited to be training them. I have actually started a new fitness challenge for the next 3 months and have a few new clients that have signed up to it which fab!

I came home and ate some tinned mackerel before heading back out for my own workout (no2!). I had a crossfit training session with one of my friends and he totally killed me in a good way : )

He said to aim for 4 sets in the main workout but I managed 5 wooohoooo muscle women! ha ha
It was a great session and we talked about some future plans which are also pretty exciting. 

I snacked instead of eating an actual lunch today, carrots with hummus, pistachios and a spoonful of almond butter plus lots of water.

I had one more (new!) client to talk to before dinner so I was pretty hungry. I just threw some stuff together, red onion, tuna and mushrooms with broccoli. Simple and tasty : )

Today has been so good, I'm so looking forward to the next 3 months and helping my new clients with there goals. I have so much happening right now, new clients, I have a new class starting next month and the blog has lots of stuff coming up too, busy busy. I love it though! 

So before I go I guess you would like to know who's coming to The Foodie Festival in Brighton this May...........

Thanks Rebecca for all your entries please send me an email - - with your full name and address and the day you and your friend would like to attend the festival.

I have another crazy busy day tomorrow, I have the sky man coming, my car has its MOT and i have clients too. Fingers crossed my car passes! Have a great Tuesday peeps x x


What was great about your Monday?

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