Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday readers! 
I guess its even better if you have this day off too? I had 1 client to train this morning but I am now free to enjoy this extra day off. This week has kind of bulldozed into hell but I shall talk about that another day, today is all about being good so I have got some good food to share with you. These are my eats from yesterday............

My Thursday started with an Insanity workout due to my spin class being cancelled. I still got a very sweaty workout in though so all was well! 

I followed my workout with a protein packed breakfast of scrambled herby eggs, avocado and cucumber. Love this combo!

I worked at the warehouse yesterday so enjoyed a coffee when I got to work.

For lunch I had a mini sweet pot with lemon drenched tuna, some artichokes and spinach

I also had this Braw bar which came in my nutribox, I really liked this bar but it had a weird consistency kind of hard and dry but soft and chewy at the same time!

My sister came round after work for a good old sisterly chat and once her hubby had picked her up it was dinner time. I made this delicious plate of loveliness : )

Bacon,veggies and olives in a red nut pesto. YES this was the bomb! 
Really tasty, I shall be making this again for sure.

I had some bad news yesterday and some even worse today so I am trying to not let it loom over my Easter weekend. I will tell you guys all about it soon but I need to ingest it first myself, except it and try to pick myself up........something I have learnt to be quite good at over the past couple of years! 

Right enough of the downer, enjoy this weekend I have an Easter soiree planned for tomorrow night so something fun to look forward to plus its menu is from a new cook book I have been sent to review and the food is pretty damn good : )


Any fun plans for your Easter?


  1. More scrummy food...but this is no good! I'm eating all this and putting weight on ha ha a good day of hard running is called for.
    I am sorry about your news, I hope it gets better and you have a lovely Easter Tam x
    Hugs Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynn, happy Easter to you and enjoy your run! X