Saturday, 2 March 2013

EasiYo Yogurt Maker Winner!!

Yay its the weekend! This makes me very happy especially as I have already finished work and have the rest of the day as well as tomorrow off to hang out with Dale for the first time since we moved to our new home.
I was up early and on the road to Brighton by 6.45am, almond butter rice cakes were eaten on the way and then it was workout time for me and my client. We went out running today and ended up in a fab park with loads of stuff to help get our heart pumping. We did a mix of running and bodyweight exercises, lots of jumping up steps plus there was a zip wire we had a good play on! Great start to the day : )

When I got home I showered then had a yummy green juice, ha not that it looks that yummy!

I also picked the winner of the EasiYo Yogurt maker!!!!!!
I use the old school way of picking.........

Yes that's you Jo Huchinson, well done I hope you have fun with your new toy : )

Please send me an email at including your full name and address so I can pass your details over and get your prize sent out to you. Remember you can choose 3 flavours of yogurt too! 

A great way to start the weekend for Jo, thanks to everyone that took part in the giveaway. You wont have to wait to long to have another try though as there is another giveaway coming your way very this space : )

Ahhhhhh time to enjoy my Saturday we're off to check out our local area, loads of junk shops to dig through and little boutiques. Have a lovely weekend I'll be back tomorrow to share the rest of my plans for march x x x


Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. Where's the zip wire? Preston park? A work out in a playground sounds like fun :)

    Back to combat, swim and then body balance for me tomorrow after 5 days off. overtime at work has tired me out. Although it's not too physical the job, we are stood up all day so it is quite tiring, sometimes i'd given anything to be back in reception sat on a comfy chair!

    Need to find out where my body is at though with the comic relief event next saturday.

    1. It was really fun! It's in Queens park, good luck with your classes x