Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dealing with DOMS

Hiya, everyone have a good Tuesday?
Mine was a bit up and down but it definitely ended on a high : )

The morning started with a very sweaty spin class, it was actually even more of a killer due to the most horrendous DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) in my glutes! The cross fit session I did on Monday was not kind to those muscles at all!! 

I consoled my sore butt muscles with a delicious blueberry and tahini smoothie!
After breakfast I had to wait around for the Sky man to turn up and FINALLY sort our internet. It took him 2 minutes and yay yay YAY we are sorted thank the lord! 

I had some more visitors after that in the form of Jonathan, his boyfriend and his mum. We drank tea and had a good chat, he goes today unfortunately but it has been fab having him for a few days : )

Now the low of the day which was quite a big car failed its MOT! Bad times, luckily it didn't fail to the point of being un-road worthy but it failed all the same and the cost of the stuff that needs to be done is making my bank account scream in pain! So next week my little car will be going to made all better again. I wish I could live without my car to be honest but being in my line of work its just impossible! 

I trained a couple of clients early evening then came home and made this delicious dinner. Steamed purple kale and broccoli with chicken and a big dollop of hummus! Ahhhh this was so good! 

The other highs of my Tuesday were my car insurance has gone down by nearly £200 happy days! I have another new client and I received a beautiful cookery book in the post which will be revealed soon!

The highs definitely out weighed the low : )

This morning I had to fight through the continued DOMS my glutes were moaning (so painful!) but I wanted to get my Insanity workout in. It seemed like a lifetime that workout this morning but after I actually felt like going for a run, I did a quick 25 minutes! I then came home and did a couple of yoga/stretching poses before having a shower. 

I was so hot another smoothie was needed, I had the same as yesterday blueberry and tahini, love that combo! I had to then get to the shops and pick up some veggies for making soup and meals. I actually made the soup all ready so its done for tonight.......WOW busy morning right!?

I am off to town to book in for a new tattoo before heading to work at the warehouse today. Very excited about my new tattoo its a real cutie! Obviously you'll be seeing it once I have it done : )

Ok readers have a fabulous hump day and remember only 2 days till the weekend!!!!!


If you get DOMS do you work through it?

Its actually better to get the lactic acid i the muscle moving before it really gets bad and you can't move at all! I also rub loads of tiger balm into sore muscles I find its the best thing to sooth and relax the tightness making them back to normal far quicker : )


  1. I foam roller like mad through my DOMS, it hurts like hell but really eases up afterwards. I find a bit of cardio often helps too. I will look into Tiger Balm though, that sounds like a good tip.

    1. I was scared of my foam roller!!

  2. Oh, and your new layout is beautiful!

  3. Glad that the positives outweighed the negatives - I dread getting my car MOT'ed!

  4. Replies
    1. I need to get mine out tonight I think!

  5. Ouch!
    Hot shower, massage, lots of stretching...sleep lots of sleep...can't wait to see your new art work
    Lynn x