Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 1 On The 2 Day Diet

Hello Monday readers, I hope you've had a good start to the week?
Having a Monday off usually means its going to be good for me and today it definitely was. A pretty relaxed start but up early all the same, I was looking forward to my first day on the 2 Day Diet to be honest and seeing how I would find it............ I slept till 7 got up and did some tidying until 8 then it was Insanity fittest time! I didn't do too badly especially as its been a while since my last go at it, I can't wait to see my improvements on day 15! 

After getting showered I walked down to my local post office to get my mums card in the post then ended up walking into Hastings to pay some bills and get some much needed soup ingredients. By the time I got home it was 11am and I was ready to eat breakfast!

I had a mega (dry fried) omelet made from 2 medium eggs and a small tin of sardines plus some baby gem lettuce. I decided to hold off food until I was really hungry today as I'm limited to 1000 calories. I actually didn't feel hungry until I got home.

I also had my supplements which included 2 vitamin C, 2 magnesium + zinc, 2 omega oils and 1 vitamin D. I am still using the Pure Pharma supplements I was sent and I have to say I love them. You can now go straight to there site by clicking the icon on my side bar, I would definitely recommend having a look if your in need of some.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon doing more tidying, hoovering, I made a big pot of soup and by 4pm I was ready for meal 2. The omelet was so filling I was fine waiting for the soup to cook and cool enough for me to whizz it up. Its just a mixed vegetable soup, I had a bowl for my late lunch with some almond butter and raw veggie sticks for dipping on the side. 

Day 1 is going well and I actually don't feel deprived in any way, I plan on making a chicken curry for dinner. I wont be eating the rice just chicken and veg for me then that will be day one complete. I hope tomorrow is just as easy! 

I'm using the MyFitnessPal app to help me to tot up the calories for these 2 days. Because I'm not following the precise diet in the book I thought this would be a good idea and I think I made the right choice its been a real help today : )

 Tomorrow I'll be getting up early to go to my 6.30am spin class and I also have Insanity to do then later on in the day I have some clients to train, Tuesday is looking pretty good. 

Have a great Tuesday peeps!


Do you use the app MyFitnessPal, do you find it useful?


  1. I use myfitnesspal, and I love it, its great that you can save things, and as it saves all the things you eat, it is easy to add things you eat often. And I like that you can add multiple things at once! I used the website recently and found it such a pain! Feel free to add me on there :)

    1. Cool sounds like a made a good choice x

  2. I do use Myfitnesspal as well - I have found it really useful for making sure that I get a good balance of calories as I have a tendency to under eat which then results in over eating so calorie counting every so often helps me a lot!

    1. I hope it will help me to not over eat, I never have an issue with under eating!