Friday, 8 March 2013

Blueberry and Tahini Protein Smoothie

Happy Friday everybody! Who doesn't love Fridays?! I love them because its the end of the week, I finish at 3pm and the weekend is only a night away, even if I do have to work tomorrow morning its all good : )
I hope everyone got some time to check out my guest post last night. Its quite refreshing to read about a mans journey into fitness because its usually all about us girls!

Today has been good other than the rain. I got up early and did my 5th Insanity workout of the week which was a total killer. Its called Pure Cardio and it really is a heart pumping beast of a workout! Once that was out of the way I had breakfast……

This was a very tasty blueberry and tahini protein smoothie. In the mix: water, rice milk, sun warrior vanilla protein, loads of spinach and frozen blueberries. I topped the smoothie with flaked almond and bees pollen.
I worked at the warehouse today which flew by and now its chill time. I have some homemade granola baking in the oven (recipe coming very soon!) and plan to just sit here on the sofa until bedtime!

I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans, see ya tomorrow when I have another blogger for you to meet : )


Ever tried the blueberry and tahini combo?

OMG if you haven't you must, the 2 flavours really compliment each other!


  1. That looks lovely, but I always find tahini a bit bitter- think I would swap it for almond butter or maybe coconut.

    1. Oh the blueberries sweeten it up a treat : )

  2. I have the blueberry and tahini combo pretty often - although tahini makes everything taste good in my opinion! I've actually just ran out of tahini and its awful, need more asap!