Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Savoury Pancake Made with a Fabulous Whisk

No your eyes don't deceive you I am here for a second post, blame it on Pancake day!
I made some delicious Blueberry Pancakes this morning but I had this fabulous whisk to tell you about so I thought I'd share a savoury option too.

I was sent this oxo whisk to try out and was going to add it to my big February review post (coming up!) but being pancake day today I couldn't wait! Now most people tend to go sweet for their pancakes and don't get me wrong I do too that's why I thought a savory option would be fun to blog about.

I call this a pancake but you can also call it a socca. Basically a chickpea flour crepe! I am going with pancake for today, without further a do here is how to a make a delicious savory chickpea pancake:

You need: 1/2 cup gram (chickpea) flour, 1/2 cup of water, dried basil, grated courgette, coconut oil and a good whisk!
To Make: mix the water and the flour together and whisk, add the basil and courgette and whisk again until mixture is completely combined. Heat the coconut oil up in a large frying pan, once hot enough add your batter. Little holes will start to appear and the pancake will become firm (it takes a couple of minutes). Flip and cook for a further 30 seconds to a minute. 

Once your pancake is cooked you can fill it with whatever you like!
Keep it vegan and add some tomato pate and tofu or.......

Add some tuna like I did as well as having some veggies on the side. This makes a fab meal and is super filling plus its even a hit with the man so it must be good!

The whisk I got sent to try is really good, I would definitely recommend it, the whisk I had already was just a cheap one and this totally whips its a_ _ _ _!! I can now make my pancakes with whisking confidence! 


Do you eat savoury pancakes or are you sweet all the way?


  1. I love soccas, they're so versatile as you can pretty much put anything in them! Yours look very good - I like the idea of putting tuna in them.
    I much prefer sweet pancakes though - lots of fruit toppings with PB. Yum!

    1. Hmmmm I know what you mean I love almond butter on them too : )