Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Moving Excitment And The Thought Of No Internet

Hello everyone, how are you on this chilly Wednesday?
I am very excited as well as a little stressed thinking about my move this weekend! I can't wait to get into our new home but the move is always a little stressful, for me anyway! I am pretty much packed but there are some things that obviously have to be last minute like the bed, some kitchen and bathroom stuff and some clothes! The other thing that is slightly stressing me out is the horrid thought of not having the internet! We have signed up to our new supplier who are testing our line but if they get no sign of life it means having to wait till the 19th of March for the internet, NIGHTMARE!
Yes I sound crazy there are far more important things to worry about but if your a blogger then you know this is kind of a second or like me 3rd job and it does stress me out the thought not being able to get on line : (
Fingers crossed they find a connection but if not then be warned I will be blogging a lot less over the next few weeks!

Anyway enough of the stressing lets talk about my very yummy breakfast. I decided to treat myself to a bag of sunwarrior vanilla protein. I think its fair to say this is my favorite of all the vegan protein powders I've tried and its been ages since I bought some. I picked my package up this morning and after a very sweaty gym session I couldn't wait to get a smoothie whizzed up : )

This big bowl of deliciousness included almond milk, water, 1 small banana, frozen cherries, big handful of spinach, scoop of sunwarrior and a tsp of grounded linseeds. I topped with pumpkin seeds and almonds. 

This was so good and a joy to eat after a long drought of smoothie action! 

I am hoping to come and say hi tomorrow but then it will be move move move until next week. I will be able to go to my sisters and use the internet there thankfully it just wont be as regular for a while but please stick around I can't wait to show you my new home!

Have a fab Wednesday evening x x x


How do you cope internet free?

I know it can't just be me that gets the no internet jitters!


  1. It was awful when we first moved and didn't have the internet. Luckily the 3G signal on our phones was pretty good. Good luck for the move!

    1. Thanks! My phone should be fine but the thought of blogging on my phone scares me a little!

  2. You can get internet in most libraries too, so you could always go there to log on.
    We had a time last year when our internet kept breaking, and it was so frustrating as we use it for so much now- looking up phone numbers etc.

  3. I haven't had internet for two weeks, so try and write things offline and then upload them when I have wi-fi signal, it is a nightmare, so I feel your pain! good luck with the move!