Monday, 4 February 2013

I Had the Best Weekend!

Hiya, well I had the best weekend but it was non-stop that's for sure!

Saturday I was in Brighton for the morning to train a client, we ended up doing a circuit on the seafront which was a killer but loads of fun in the sunshine. When I got back to Hastings I had an afternoon of hair fun, I had my roots done and dyed my friends hair. Then it was gym time, double workout day! I went to the gym with Dale then we came home and got ready for his nan and granddad's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. 

The meal was actually at a Chinese but I wrung through the day before and made sure there was something I could eat. They made me a special meal of boiled rice and chicken with veg cooked in oil, MSG and no wheat, yay! 

Me and Dale went into town afterward and it turned into a night on the town, lots of fun as we haven't been out for months but way to much alcohol! 

Sunday we planned a day out to Lakeside to get stuff from Ikea for the new flat so after a lot of water I made us a hangover cure breakfast : )

Bacon and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil, fried egg and beans, this was so good and super filling. This kept me full till about 3pm! We got lots of stuff in Ikea, I'm so excited to get into the flat and start sorting it out roll on the 16th of February.

It was actually my sisters birthday yesterday and me and Dale were invited round for dinner. Her hubby made us a yummy meal of sausages, sweet potato mash, veggies and roasted onions and garlic. Perfect after a day of shopping, we were so tired by the time we got back having dinner cooked for us was the best!

I loved this weekend but am definitely feeling the aftermath of Saturday night. Back to clean eats and exercise for me. I hope you had a fab weekend too x x


Whats the best thing you ate this weekend?

Mine would have to be breakfast, I haven't eaten one for months and this was well worth the wait.


  1. It sounds like you had a blast! Loving your hair too!

  2. I dyed my hair this weekend too, it was getting desperate!

    1. My roots were disgraceful! Ha x

  3. Ooh well I had a cold, so couldn't taste much. possibly best thing was marmalade on toast