Saturday, 23 February 2013


Good evening! Yay I've managed to get online so I am here to say hello, I hope you all had a fab week and are enjoying the weekend? My week flew by and this weekend has been a blast so far. I have my food from yesterday to share with you as it was a day of deliciousness........

I got up early so I could get a run in before work. It was freezing and actually started to snow whilst I was running but still a great way to start my day.

After a hot shower to warm me up I had a smoothie to cool me down! Mixed frozen berries, sun warrior vanilla protein, spinach, water, wheatgrass and topped with coconut and seeds. 

Once I had gobbled breakfast I got on my way to work at the warehouse. It was so cold at work I was layered up and hugging my radiator that sits under my desk, I also had a coffee to warm me up.

Snackage came in the form of a homemade coconut bar, I'm loving making these bars. Each time I add some different ingredients to mix it up and I make enough for me and Dale to have snacks through the week. They freeze really well too which is a bonus and means they stay fresh.

Dale made me lunch which was really sweet of him and it tasted great, quinoa salad with boiled eggs. This was filling as well, exactly what I needed to warm me up!

After work I popped to my dads and had a parcel waiting for me, I love getting post. Especially when it has goodies in there, I was sent some yummy rice milk thank you Rice Dream!

I really fancied some comfort food for dinner so I steamed a sweet potato and some broccoli then topped it with tuna mayo and sweetcorn, delicious and comforting : )

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned making some yummy dairy free ice cream well you can now get the recipe here on the rice dream website. Its blueberry and vanilla and very very yummy definitely worth checking out plus its a real easy recipe.

Today I was up early to train a client in Brighton which I will be doing tomorrow as well. When I got home I went to the gym and had a crazy session, sweaty is one word! Then the rest of today I spent with my sister and dad on the sofa watching Sex and the City! Its was so cold outside we didn't feel bad having a sofa day and me and Jes plan to do the same thing tomorrow. Dale is away working at a trade show this weekend so its Sex and the City time for us girls.

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, hopefully I will get back to say hi. I also have some fab giveaways for some lucky readers coming up so stay tuned!


What have you been doing to stay warm this weekend?


  1. It has been so cold! I have been mainly drinking tea to warm up this weekend!