Friday, 1 February 2013

Hello February!

Happy February 1st!!!!!!!! 
I am so excited for the month to begin, I have loads to look forward to which means another month is going to fly by. January was actually pretty good and the year has started on a high (for once!). I started a new job which I am loving, ma and Dale found a flat and have a confirmed move in date, I got to review some fabulous products and my years goals good off to a good start. More on those at the end of this post after I share my yummy eats from yesterday and today : )


I've been loving my oats lately so this bowl of deliciousness went down very well, creamy oats topped with apple sauce (nothing but apples) and almond butter

Then today I had some blueberry oats with tahini and a little agave, so good!

I've been at work at 4Down the past 2 days and we have the BEST coffee machine there so I wait till I am at work to have my coffee. I take rice milk with me to add to mine.

I've eaten a homemade energy bar both days, these are so yummy but the recipe needs tweaking a little to be perfect.

Yesterdays lunch was tuna and quinoa salad, I made a big bowl of quinoa on Wednesday and have used it for lunches and dinners since!

So there was more quinoa action today mixed with chickpeas, vegan pesto and peppers, yum

After class last night I enjoyed this bowl of loveliness. I haven't eaten tofu for ages so it was nice to have it for a change, big thumbs up from Dale too : )

Tonight I had a sweet potato filled with tuna mixed with salad cream (ha, love it!) and lots of veggies. I have also had some dark chocolate 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post January has seen my yearly goals start off well, not perfectly there is definitely room for improvement but I am happy so far.

Food Goals:
I wanted to eat more vegan/veggies meals which I definitely have.
I wanted to make more healthy bars to save money which I have.
I have been able to stick to eating wheat free so a big thumbs up for that one, the only thing I have had a fail on is eating only natural sugars so I am on a mission this month to improve that! Other then a little dark chocolate of course!

Fitness Goals:
I have managed the gym goal getting there 2/3 times a week which has had me practicing my plank, but I have failed on starting insanity and doing my 3 runs but again I am on a mission to improve that. I have been working out 4/5 times a week anyway though!

Life Goals:
Me and Dale saved enough money and found a flat which can be ticked off. I have been managing to post more on here which I am loving plus I have a new client, whoop! There are a few things I need to save for though but we have 11 more months of the year to go yet!

All in all I am happy with this, especially as its only February. I have so much more happening this month and I will be sharing all the excitement with you. I want to say a big thank you to all my readers for hanging around and supporting me through all the craziness, I hope you all continue to read and come along on this journey with me : )


How has your year started off for you?


  1. Mmm those porridge bowls look lovely.

  2. Sound like your new year started fabulously, long may it continue!

  3. It looks like your new year started off fabulously, long may it continue!

  4. Sounds like you've had a wonderful Jan! You must be so excited about the big move :-)

  5. Great January! When will you be moving?