Saturday, 16 February 2013

Guest Post: Why You Should Sign Up To The Gym Before Spring?

Hey everyone, if you read my blog you'll know I am currently moving so today I have a guest post for you. A great read if like me you over indulged at Christmas!

After the feasting and revelry of Christmas and the New Year, as well as general winter’s blues, something strange happens. For many, a deep-seated sense of guilt at our behaviour sets in and we contemplate how to atone for our overindulgence, especially when spring is almost here, the time to show off our new bodies. This may explain the explosion in new gym memberships at and the sale of sporting equipment. But why wait until birds start to chirp and leaves begin to pop, though? Here are several good reasons why getting yourself to the gym well before the snow melts is a good idea:

Stop that weight gain before it begins. The average person gains five pounds over the Christmas period, and without much exercise during winter, those pounds aren’t going anywhere. So try to get to the gym as soon as possible, start a regular exercise and nutrition routine to get ready to bare in spring months. Keeping fit and increasing muscle tone not only gives you more strength and energy, but also boosts the metabolism, making less of those calories consumed hang around and cause trouble later. It strengthens the heart and lowers fat levels in the bloodstream.

Combat seasonal stress. Experts all agree that stress is a major cause of illness – such as headaches, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, ulcers, heart problems and even cancer – and after the pressures of Christmas and the lack of vitamins in a winter diet, one may feel a little under the weather. Nobody wants to fall ill at this time, and the best way to combat stress is through exercise, which not only works off tension but also improves your mood by causing chemical changes in the brain and body.

Lay foundations for the long-haul. It's a running joke that most of those shiny new gym memberships in winter fall by the wayside. This is because – traditional resolutions notwithstanding – the very start of the year, with its miserable weather and return to the working routine, is one of the worst times to try and initiate changes in your physicality and wider life that require the application of willpower – there's simply too many other demands on your psyche. Joining the gym before spring means you are well set for the summer, when you get more natural exercise, have plenty of tasty healthy foods to eat and are motivated highly to be fit. 
So what are you waiting for?
 Get on the move now!

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